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Q1: When did the Company go public?

On March 30, 2021.

Q2: On what stock exchange are the Company's shares listed?

The Company is listed on the Prime Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Q3 What is the Company's securities code?

The Company's securities code is 4180.

Q4: When are financial results announced?

Consolidated financial results are announced on a quarterly basis. Please refer to the Financial Calendar for further details. 

Q5: Where can I find the latest financial results?

Please refer to the "Quarterly Reports" in the Financial Results.

Q6: What are the Company's forecasts on business performance?

Please refer to the "Quarterly Reports" in the Financial Results.

Q7: How many shares constitute a trading unit?

The trading unit of the Company's stock is 100 shares.

Q8: Where can I make inquiries concerning transfer of shares, change of address and other procedures?

Please contact your securities company.

Q9: When is the general shareholders meeting held?

The annual general shareholders meeting is held each year within 3 months of the fiscal year-end date.

Q10: Where can I make inquiries about IR?

Please enter your inquiry in the "Contact IR".