Board of Director

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Role of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors seeks to increase enterprise and shareholder value in the mid-to long-term. The responsibilities of the Board of Directors include:
  • Setting basic management policies to achieve the Company's strategic objectives
  • Conducting oversight of operations and management
  • Making decisions that could have a major impact on the Company
  • Making decisions that could have a major impact on the Company
Board of Directors meetings are held once a month in principle. The Board of Directors makes decisions on matters which significantly impact the Company's corporate governance and/or the Company's consolidated financial performance, such as investments above a certain threshold and key personnel matters. The Board of Directors delegates authority over other business matters to the Business Strategy Meeting and other decision-making bodies according to their appropriate level of responsibilities.
Criteria for determining organizational decision-making authority are set forth in the rules on decision-making authority. These rules are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors and revised as necessary.

Board of Director

The Board of Directors is composed of four Executive Directors and four Audit & Supervisory Committee members, including three Independent Audit & Supervisory Committee members.

As a result of its growth, the Company today operates across many business sectors and geographic locations, engages with a broad universe of individual users and business clients, and employs people from diverse backgrounds. The Company recognizes that the Board of Directors should reflect this diversity to ensure that it sustains the high-quality discussions that drive innovation and the long-term success of the Company.

Member photo-1-Chih-Han Yu

Chih-Han Yu

Chair | Chief Executive Officer | Co-founder

Member photo-2-Winnie Lee

Winnie Lee

Chief Operating Officer | Co-founder

Member photo-3-Joe Su

Chia-Yung Su

Chief Information Officer | Co-founder

Member photo-7-Magic Tu

Magic Tu

SVP, Sales for Global | Leadership

Member photo-11-Lee-Feng Chien

Lee-Feng Chien

Director and Audit | Supervisory Committee member

Member photo-14-Takashi Motomura

Takashi Motomura

Director and Audit | Supervisory Committee member

Member photo-15-Daisuke Oshita

Daisuke Oshita

Director and Audit | Supervisory Committee member

Brett bio photo

Ching-Hua Ho

Director and Audit | Supervisory Committee member

Skills Matrix

The skills matrix of our directors is as follows. We value diversity of knowledge and experience in the selection of directors.

ESG_Tier2_Skills Matrix_EN