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Travel Advertising 2024: Why you should invest in cross-device video ads

With the arrival of summer, the period between late June and mid-July will be the peak time for short-distance travel, such as from Taiwan to Japan or South Korea. During this period, Appier observed that new parents, parents of pre-school age children, homemakers, and working mothers make up the majority of travelers. To successfully attract these high-potential customer groups, travel and hospitality brands must have a comprehensive and diverse marketing plan in place to maximize their reach among target audiences that are interested in traveling. 

In the post-pandemic era, video advertisements have become a key medium for travelers researching their trips. Over half of travelers use video as an information source. This year, cross-device video ads will be your best option for getting ahead of your competitors and winning the summer travel season!

OTT video ad trends: cross-platform, cross-device viewing habits guide the market

According to a survey by Statista, the global penetration rate of over-the-top (OTT) platforms is projected to be 47.83% in 2024, up from 45.72% in 2023. Additionally, users spend an average of 17 hours per week streaming online video content. This shows that today’s consumers not only enjoy watching films and TV shows but also prefer to view them across multiple platforms and devices, including mobile phones, connected TVs (CTVs), and tablets. If brands want to maintain high exposure in this era of diversified viewing habits, their digital communication strategy needs to align with the behavior of their target audience. Brands must leverage every possible touchpoint and create a comprehensive plan for cross-platform and cross-device marketing.

Globally, YouTube has a high usage rate, making it one of the most popular OTT platforms. Other widely used platforms include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, and HBO Max. These platforms offer a myriad of viewing options for consumers to fulfill all their cross-channel binge-watching needs. They are also the platforms that travel and hospitality brands need to cover in their video ad campaigns.

Cross-device retargeting to ensure brand ads are always present

For brands looking to infiltrate consumers’ viewing routines, cross-device retargeting video ads are the way to go. Not only are video ads able to attract audiences on big screens (especially CTV), but they can also be precisely delivered across multiple devices and platforms with the help of AI technology. After users watch a brand’s video ad, AI can create tailored ad content based on their preferences and viewing habits, then deliver the ads across all devices where these users are watching films and shows.Thus, the brand’s messages are seamlessly integrated into their audience’s viewing journey, giving the brand comprehensive ad coverage.

For example, if your marketing objective is to attract families interested in visiting Japan, when audiences are watching a popular Japanese anime series on their home CTV, you can deliver video ads showcasing popular travel destinations in Japan, such as Hokkaido or Tokyo. Then, when these audiences are using their phones or tablets, they will see more detailed itinerary recommendations or discount promotions. This cross-device ad delivery increases the odds of audiences being motivated to make immediate purchases.

Overlay video ad creatives to deliver hyper-interactive travel ads supported by precise data

In 2024, YouTube found that the percentage of users interacting with QR codes on CTV devices has doubled. Using these types of engagement data for tailored cross-channel retargeting can create a trending effect that ensures your brand’s ads are always present. This in turn ensures audiences’ share of mind and interest in your destinations and ultimately leads to increased conversion.

For example, Appier’s exclusive L-shaped interactive ad frame is an innovative ad format that can significantly increase audience engagement and boost full-funnel marketing performance.

Appier has the most comprehensive OTT video ad traffic growth tools that combine cross-device AI technology, innovative engagement methods, and precise analytics. This makes Appier well-equipped to assist travel and hospitality brands in guiding audiences to choose the travel destination they’re most interested in, as well as enhance their interest in and familiarity with the brand. In our next article, we will discuss more hyper-interactive ad strategies, including how to leverage SuperLike ads to get users’ instant reaction and help your brand prepare for the summer travel season!

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