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Appier Explains: How to Master Native Advertising

Has this ever happened to you?

You are scrolling through your favorite news website, reading article after article. You see an interesting headline and click into it. And, only after reading through a couple of paragraphs do you realize that it is actually a piece of advertorial. You finish the article because it is actually quite informative, though you probably would not have clicked on it had you known it was an ad. 

Such is the effectiveness of native advertising, “a paid ad placement that appears in the same format and style as the non-paid content where it’s placed.”  Compared to traditional display ads, native ads are more likely to catch consumers’ attention because they can avoid ad blindness. Because native ads camouflage as organic content, consumers click on them at higher rates and derive more value from them, leading to higher conversions. 

What Makes a Good Native Ad?

Of course, not all native ads are created equal. Some are as captivating as an editorial post, while others barely differentiate themselves from a standard ad. Let’s look at the key elements that set them apart:

  • Format

The format of a native ad is what makes it a native ad. It needs to blend seamlessly with the organic content on the website, so the way that it presents is of the utmost importance. If the organic content on the website has a headline, short description, and an image, then the native ad needs to have all these same components in the same places. 

  • Tone

The tone of a native ad is a more subtle element that separates the good and the great. Not only does the ad need to visually look like its organic counterpart, but it also needs to sound like it. 

  • Image 

The image of a native ad needs to be stylistic similar to the images of organic content. However, since images generally come in a lot of variety, especially for news sites, this is a less important element. 

Appier Uses GenAI to Create Native Ads for Customers 

Appier’s CrossX solution is a user acquisition platform that specializes in ads. Our latest adtech offering not only allows for a native placement of your ads among organic content, but it also leverages generative AI (GenAI) to help you come up with the contents of your ad for a more effective copy.

As we mentioned above, an ad’s tone is a subtle element that can make or break it. When it comes to native ads, the tone needs to attract and align with the rest of the website’s content. This is where GenAI can come in handy, as it can generate multiple versions of a copy for marketers to choose from.

The CrossX “GenAI Native Ads Generator” allows marketers to input a brief one-liner describing what the copy is about and choose the tone they want the copy to convey. Within seconds, it will generate 50 versions of the copy to choose from. 

This may sound like a lot of options, which can be overwhelming, but what is useful about the generator is that it will indicate the best copy based on AI’s modeling. If the marketer is not happy with the recommended top choice, they can indicate what they want more of and what they want less of so that the generator can refine its copies. 

GenAI Native Ads Generator in Practice 

Appier has created a short demonstration below so you can see for yourself our GenAI Native Ads Generator in action. In the scenario, a cosmetics company is brainstorming native ad copies for its newest moisturizer for the winter season. Instead of relying solely on the human brain, the marketer uses the GenAI generator, and all they have to do is input the content they want to highlight and select the tone they want. 

Within seconds, the GenAI generator produces 50 versions of the copy, replete with a headline and a description, and more importantly, the generator selects the version of the copy that is predicted to perform the best with the company’s audience. 

Check out the short demonstration below:

More Adtech from Appier

Our native ad offering is only one of many ad and adtech offerings that make up our CrossX product line. Whether you are looking for the right inventory, placement, or feature to make your ad pop, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our myriad of our interactive, animated ads, including 3D creatives, and if any of them pique your interest, reach out to us and learn how we can make these ads for your business too! 


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