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CB Insights Targeted Tech Marketing Map: A Take on Omnichannel Marketing

Author | Jennifer Huang, Vice President of Growth and Marketing, Appier

This week, business analytics firm CB Insights released its global Tech Market Map Report, featuring Appier as a key player in omnichannel marketing.

Not a new term, omnichannel marketing is about brands being available and able to engage with consumers across a variety of channels and touchpoints. The key to success here is to get all those channels working effectively alongside each other, which involves using data to analyze where people are in their customer journey, what they might need and at what time they might need it.

This has always been important, and connecting consumers to a brand is truly a combination of art and science. Data and AI are critical tools to gain a better understanding of consumers so that brands can anticipate and meet the needs of their audiences. However at the end of the day, brands are reaching out to humans, who are all unique and complex. When we think about audience engagement at various junctures, we must acknowledge that the people in our audience will have different needs at different stages of their journey, so the audience profile is constantly changing.

Knowing this, we can put AI to work to help us identify when, where and how to reach out to customers in a way that is timely, relevant and sensitive to their current situation. This has never been more true than during COVID-19, which is a globally shared issue that people are experiencing in very personal ways. Consistently combining data-driven decisions with nuanced understanding of the human experience will go beyond people simply becoming aware of a brand, but also engaging with it and sticking around.

We’re pleased to join other key players on the omnichannel section of CB Insights Targeted Tech Marketing Map. We’re passionate about the ways that we and other services are not just providing business-critical products to marketers, but also benefiting the end consumer with products, services and information that they need to live happy healthy lives.

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