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Empowering the Beauty Industry: Utilizing GenAI to Target the Ideal Content for Mother's Day 2024

Applications for AI have been on the rise in the beauty industry. Major beauty brands are increasingly investing in virtual reality (VR), using AI for facial fusion and recognition analysis, skin type/color analysis, hair type/color analysis, and AR virtual try-ons. In addition, AI’s applications in marketing have also garnered more attention. 

As the all-important and ultra-competitive Mother’s Day sales of 2024 draws near, brands can leverage AI to formulate marketing strategies and use generative AI (GenAI) for ad creatives and targeting. With GenAI, beauty brands will be able to deliver the right ad content to the right people at the right time, thus allowing their ads to shine and maximizing Mother’s Day sales.

The right ad: GenAI Native Ads Generator for all your copy-writing needs

In “Appier Explains: How to Master Native Advertising”, we mentioned that tone and wording are critical to the success of an ad, and for native ads in particular, the style and tone must exactly match the organic content on the platform where the ad is placed. In the past, marketers have had to rack their brains for new iterations of ad copies constantly. Now, they can leverage GenAI to create many versions of ad copies in different styles and geared toward different audiences, which boosts efficiency and makes their ads more eye-catching.

For example, a beauty brand is developing native ad content for its latest Mother’s Day discount promotional campaign. Instead of brainstorming the traditional way, the brand’s marketers can choose Appier’s “GenAI Native Ads Generator”. All they have to do is describe the content that they wish to highlight and choose the tone; the generator will then generate 50 versions of ad copy, complete with headlines and descriptions. It can also predict the best version to use for the brand’s target audiences.

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The right time: Automatically match ads to website content with AI Contextual Prediction Model

After collaborating with AI to quickly produce content, the next step is to accurately target the proper communication channels and seize the best timing to communicate with consumers. When your target audience is browsing a website, AI can conduct a comprehensive contextual analysis of that website, and then use large-scale language models to analyze the website’s style and tone. If the website content aligns with the style and tone of your beauty brand and its products, the AI system will deliver an ad with product images and copy that matches the website's tone. This will boost native ad impressions while ensuring your budget is spent wisely on websites related to Mother’s Day gifts. The native ad will blend seamlessly into the website your audience is browsing, which will help increase ad engagement.


The right people: AI-expanded audience pack to target high-value users for Mother’s Day

According to Google’s analysis of purchase intent for Mother’s Day, approximately twice as many consumers will treat themselves this year as will give gifts to others. As more people focus on self-care, perceptions of holiday gift buying are also changing, with Mother’s Day shoppers more inclined to splurge on themselves instead of buying gifts.

When choosing audiences for ad targeting, brands should consider gift-givers and self-gifters to maximize Mother’s Day business opportunities. Brands should also ensure that the ad budget is spent on targeting high-value audiences to achieve higher ad performance. Appier has used GenAI to assist beauty brands in expanding high-value interest topics, so marketers no longer need to agonize over targeting which interests might attract more clicks. Instead, our GenAI interest topic expansion tool can help brands to directly increase the size of their potential customer pool.

After using GenAI to expand interest topics for Mother’s Day, Appier has identified the following high-value customer groups: gift-givers and self-gifters. With this, we have created an exclusive AI-expanded audience pack to help your brand succeed this Mother’s Day:

  • High-value audience group #1: Price-sensitive customers who want to save during Mother’s Day sales
    Appier’s GenAI interest topics expansion tool can analyze recently trending interest groups related to “discounts” and “offers”. Users who search for something online with these interest topics will have high purchase intent for Mother’s Day. Therefore, delivering ads content that includes words such as “promotion” during your Mother’s Day campaign will greatly increase the chances of these users clicking.
  • High-value audience group #2: Potential customers who are highly likely to be interested in beauty products
    For a Mother’s Day campaign, brands should not only focus on audiences who are interested in the topics “beauty” and “cosmetics”. Still, they must also identify potential customers who are looking at other content that is closely related to beauty and cosmetics. Appier’s GenAI interest topics expansion tool discovered that users viewing content with certain lookalike interests weeks before Mother’s Day are highly likely to purchase beauty products during the Mother’s Day sale. These lookalike interests include “make-up”, “make-up tools”, “high-end/open shelf skincare”, “facial masks”, “fragrances”, “foot massage”, “cosmeceuticals”, “pilates”, and “micro-cosmetic surgery”.

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Appier’s GenAI applications in Mother’s Day ad campaigns can help beauty brands target audiences with more precision, which in turn boosts ad performance and helps brands achieve their business goals more quickly. If you wish to learn more about Mother’s Day shopping trends and create more business opportunities, please get in touch with us. We look forward to making the most of this Mother’s Day sales period with you!

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