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Appier’s AiDeal Webchat: Boosting Conversions by Predicting Intent

Chatbots are getting a makeover with AI. They are becoming easier to interact with, getting human-like personalities, and in general, smarter. As more and more companies adopt chatbots for their customer service needs, they may be asking themselves, “How do we choose the right chatbot for our business?” 

Appier’s answer is simple: figure out what you want from a chatbot and explore the different options on the market. 

As an AI SaaS company in the field of marketing technology, we have developed our solution to assist businesses with customer engagement and conversion. In other words, our chatbot solution, which you can deploy on your website, is uniquely equipped with features to move shoppers along the customer journey.

Introducing the AiDeal Webchat

AiDeal is Appier’s conversion optimization solution with the unique selling point (UPS) of predicting customer psychology. Over the years, we have applied this UPS in how businesses present online coupons and other incentives so that they could better identify and capture hesitant shoppers. Now, we are introducing the AiDeal webchat, a feature that businesses can deploy on their websites to predict each visitor’s intent and meet them with the right web chat message to address their needs.

We have all had at least one experience with a web chat. You click into a website, and the first thing that pops up is a web chat asking you how it can help. You close the web chat window so you can browse the website unperturbed, but once you get to the next page, the web chat pops up again. Like a store clerk who keeps checking on you, the web chat in this case actually deters you from effectively browsing. 

Perhaps your experience is at the other end of the spectrum. You have a question, but you are having trouble finding the web chat to get help. Or, you find the web chat, type in your question, but the answer you get does not help. Like a store clerk who is absent or lacking in information, the web chat in this case proves ineffective as well. 

What we aim to address is both the poor timing and the poor content that web chats may provide visitors browsing a website. Like a well-trained store clerk, the AiDeal webchat knows when to offer help and when to fade into the background. And, when it offers help, it knows the exact content you need to answer your query and continue enjoying the browsing experience. 

How the AiDeal webchat works 

The logic behind the AiDeal webchat is extremely straightforward. When a visitor enters the website, the model uses his or her historical behavior on the site as well as mouse movements to gauge intention. The intention, broadly speaking, can be to browse, to learn, or to shop. The model continues to narrow down the intention as the visitor progresses throughout the website, and once it has detected the right time to engage, it will activate the web chat with a message for the visitor. 

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Rather than being a generic message, the web chat will send the visitor a message related to his or her intent. It could be background information about the business for those looking to browse and learn, while it could be information about a sale for those looking to purchase. 

The combination of the right timing and the right content is what will impress the visitor and get them to whatever goal they had in mind when they came to the website. Simply put, the AiDeal webchat makes for a much better customer experience and faster conversions too. 

What types of websites can best benefit from the AiDeal webchat

While all businesses can benefit from deploying the AiDeal webchat on their websites, there are two types that will reap the largest return on investments. The first type is e-commerce businesses. Due to the large number of products that e-commerce websites house, a smart web chat like the AiDeal webchat can better provide shoppers with the information they need when they need it. 

Especially during holiday sales when every store in the market is running sales and promotions, AiDeal can help businesses differentiate themselves by providing an excellent customer experience that takes browsers directly to the products they are looking for. 

The second type is non-ecommerce businesses that require customers to digest a lot of information before making a purchase decision — think a financial platform or educational organization. For these businesses. The AiDeal webchat can better identify where along their customer journey the particular visitor is and what kind of information they will need to move them towards a purchase. 

If you are interested in checking out a demo, contact us now.

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