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Customer Data Platform 202: Challenges & Opportunities Marketers Should Know About

If you came here from our CDP 101 blog post, you already know how a customer data platform can help you better understand and engage with your customers. 

As more advanced CDPs featuring new technologies and features become available on the market, many marketers are considering investing in a CDP that leverages AI technology for its many functions. 

In this piece, we take a look at a few typical challenges marketers face when using a CDP and how they can leverage Appier’s AI-powered CDP AIRIS to overcome these problems and optimize their marketing efforts for maximum return on investment. 

We include real-life scenarios where marketers in specific industries may use an AI CDP to give you an idea of how best to leverage this essential marketing tool. 

Challenge #1: Integrating data & creating a 360°customer profile 

Today’s marketers engage with their existing and potential customers on a number of online and offline channels. As a result, there is customer data being generated everywhere. 

Take for instance a clothing store. It may have a physical location, an online shop and an Instagram page that customers can purchase from directly. Already, that is three distinct channels generating all kinds of customer data. 

Each piece of data provides a clue about who the customer is, and all together, the data provides a comprehensive view of the customer, their behaviors and interests. This is why data integration is crucial for companies, because it is the first step to effectively using data for better marketing. 

Appier’s Solution

Appier’s AI CDP AIRIS can seamlessly integrate data from over 50 platforms into one place for a single 360° view of each customer. The direct integration that AIRIS supports is with some of the most-used marketing and sales platforms in the world, such as Facebook, Salesforce, and MailChimp. 


For the clothing store, AIRIS ingests all the data from its various channels into one platform and integrates each piece of data to create a comprehensive customer profile to help marketers better understand what each customer is shopping for. 

Challenge #2: Optimizing time to insight, to action 

Data is only as valuable as the insights marketers can derive from it. Once the data is centralized and customer profiles are built, it is time to leverage them for actionable insights. 

These are some of the purpose these actionable insights can serve:

  • Audience segmentation: dividing the total audience pool into different groups of existing and potential customers with their unique interests and preferences that marketers will be targeting with precision marketing 
  • Personalization: creating and delivering personalized content and interactions to each customer for a meaningful and memorable experience that is more likely to convert 
  • Attribution: understanding which touchpoints are contributing to the success of a marketing campaign in order to optimize marketing strategies 

Of course, the faster a marketer can get to these insights and take action, the higher the chances are of converting a browser and making a sale. 

Especially during the lead-up to a big holiday sale, every minute counts. So, marketers need to be able to count on a CDP with a fast time to insight and fast time to action that continues to reflect the latest information on what resonates with customers. 

Appier’s Solution 

AIRIS boasts a fast time to insight and a fast time to action as all its reporting and predicting take place in real time. 

Our AI CDP comes with dozens of reporting templates so that it very quickly and intuitively presents your data for the best way to visualize and analyze it. 

As you pour over the reports generated by AIRIS, you will see that our graphs and charts are as interactive as they come. These reports provide an overview of any marketing campaign, but you can also click on specific figures and numbers to go deeper and understand specific individuals’ actions. 


One of AIRIS’ unique value propositions is that it lets users see the people behind the data because that is the first step towards human-centric marketing. What results from such human-centric marketing is a higher return on investment. 

Beyond fast and intuitive data visualization, Appier’s AI CDP empowers marketers with real-time, AI-generated predictions about user behavior. This is an extremely important and powerful feature as these real-time predictions trigger automated actions based on what customers are likely to do and thus prevent any sales opportunity from slipping away. 

Using AIRIS’ AI-powered analytics capabilities, marketers can exponentially increase their ability to capture consumers’ actual intent even as these customers change their minds with each interaction and engagement. 

At every interaction, AIRIS will update the customer’s prediction score, and once the score reaches a certain threshold, the platform will trigger a corresponding action to prompt the customer to take the next action. 

Challenge #3: Scaling with the business 

As you grow your business, you want a solution that can scale with you. Without such scalability, marketers would have to go through the process of researching, comparing and onboarding a customer data platform again. 

In terms of scalability, the right CDP will need to accommodate more data and more data complexity. 

Put yourself in the shoes of a fintech startup, for example. When you founded the company, you may have had one product with a few hundred users. Five years later, you now have multiple products with tens of thousands of users. 

Appier’s Solution 

We developed AIRIS as a platform that will continue to grow with your business. Not only does AIRIS have robust data ingestion and integration capabilities, but its many customizable features and functions allow marketers to use it for any scenario they face. 

What do these customizations look like? For data integration, it means marketers can choose which user ID to prioritize when creating customer profiles. For audience segmentation, it means marketers can specify formulas and schemas during the segmentation process to group existing and potential customers according to unique characteristics. 

Key Takeaways 

A customer data platform has become an indispensable marketing tool for businesses across different industries. Marketers looking for a CDP that is flexible and scalable should look to solutions that leverage AI technologies so that the tools can learn and evolve in real time with a business. 

If you are looking for a powerful AI-powered CDP, check out Appier’s AIRIS. Contact us now to request a demo.  

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