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New year, new creatives: How you can leverage 3D creatives to capture consumers’ attention

In today's competitive digital advertising ecosystem, marketers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to attract consumers’ attention. 

On the quest for the most eye-catching creatives, advertisers have gone from black and white to colored ads, from static to animated ads. In recent years, hyper interactive rich media has proven to be particularly effective in boosting ad performance, and we are seeing the evolution of ads from 2D to 3D. 

Introducing Appier’s 3D creatives 

Appier recently launched a 3D creative series that has two creative formats: the 3D Magic and the 3D Like. 

  • 3D Magic: a creative format that takes a 2D image and creates depth to generate a 3D ad with ease

    3D magic_v04-1

  • 3D Like: a creative format that layers content and animates the visuals to create a 3D ad with CTA buttons that pop  

    3D Like

These new 3D creatives are innovations in ad creatives that can be used in real-time bidding (RTB) ads. These are rich media, and show up in different places throughout any given web page. 

Based on a number of initial campaigns we ran for our existing customers, the new 3D creatives have proven to significantly improve impressions, click-through rate (CTR)  and the overall browsing experience for the end user.

How do our 3D creatives work?

Appier’s 3D creatives cannot get any simpler. All advertisers have to do is provide the 2D image they want to use, and Appier’s algorithm technology will take care of the rest. Our algorithm generates a depth map, which shows how close or far things in the image are from the camera, to create a 3D image with movement. 

We have purposely made the process quick and easy, so advertisers can take advantage of the latest trends in ad technology without any additional effort.

The application of these new 3D creatives in recent new user acquisition campaigns for hardcore RPG games and casino games have yielded significant results in both CTR and downloads. We believe they can also be applied to digital campaigns in other industries for similar success.

A new way to get your users’ attention

In today's digital ads ecosystem, it's important to stand out from the competition by using innovative and eye-catching creative formats.

Appier's new 3D creatives are great examples of how new technologies can help marketers achieve this goal by providing more impressions, higher CTR, and a more fun browsing experience for the end customer. 

Advertisers looking to stay ahead of the competition should consider incorporating these new creatives to breathe new life into their ad strategy. 

If you’re an advertiser and you want to capture more eyeballs with your ads, give Appier’s 3D creatives a try. Contact us to begin experimenting with our 3D creatives 

If you're already an Appier customer, simply ask your account manager how you can get started with 3D Magic or 3D Like today.


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