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Appier Celebrates 5 Years in AI

Appier celebrates our 5th Anniversary this year.  We share some milestones of the company’s progress in our journey towards Enterprise AI in this infographic.

Appier – then and now

Appier celebrates 5 years in AI

About Appier

Appier is a technology company which aims to provide artificial intelligence (AI) platforms to help enterprises solve their most challenging business problems. Appier was established in 2012 by a passionate team of computer scientists and engineers with expertise in AI, data analysis and distributed systems. Appier serves around 1,000 global brands and agencies from offices in 14 markets across Asia, including Taipei, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Osaka, Sydney, Ho Chi Minh City, Manila, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New Delhi, Jakarta, Seoul, and Bangkok. For more information please visit


Let us know the marketing challenges that you’re facing, and how you want to improve your marketing strategy.


3 Ways to Stretch Your Marketing Budget Further

Global marketing spend is expected to increase across most markets, especially in Asia Pacific, which will account for one third of the global advertising market by 2023. However, higher spend doesn’t always mean higher return on investment (ROI). A recent survey by Rakuten Marketing shows that marketers worldwide waste an average of 26 percent of their budgets on ineffective channels and strategies, while half of them misspend at least 20 percent of their budgets. As the uptake of marketing technology increases, more and more marketers are looking to artificial intelligence (AI) to support their marketing and customer engagement activities. A research shows that AI-powered marketing campaigns had a sevenfold increase in customer engagement and a threefold increase in revenue, compared to campaigns without AI help. Here are three ways how you can use AI to stretch your budget, and get the most bang out of your marketing efforts.   1. Develop High-Value Micro-Segments for Precise Targeting When it comes to audience targeting, it is no longer enough to just know customers’ demographic profiles and what types of products they have viewed in general. For precise targeting, you need to dig deeper to identify their specific interests. This is where you

Why Deep Learning Is a Perfect Match for Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is set to change the way artificial intelligence understands human desires and behaviors, and deep learning is a game-changer for the field. How will business and marketing benefit? Sometimes it takes an attempt to build artificial intelligence (AI) to truly appreciate how complex the human mind is. That has certainly been the case for natural language processing (NLP), a branch of technology devoted to the nuances of how an AI understands human language.  For AI, the seemingly simple task of learning the difference between ‘plaster’ (a substance used for wall covering) and ‘plasters’ (Band-Aid) proves quite laborious. It means feeding the AI many pre-identified contexts for plasters so the AI would have sufficient experience to then identify whether a buyer is looking for home furnishing materials or first aid products in a search request. For the classical method to work effectively, explains Appier’s Chief AI Scientist Min Sun, “it usually relies on humans to explicitly clarify meaning of each word and the relations between words”. It required a level of human intervention to define exceptions, labor that undercuts the gains in efficiency AI was supposed to deliver. The classical method does result in some basic language processing,

Making AI Easy for Enterprises

AI is hard. But it doesn’t have to be. Appier’s mission is to help our enterprise customers take advantage of the power of AI without the hassle. Learn how Appier uses Ai to help enterprises in this infographic! #makeAIeasy