AIQUA is a user engagement platform that helps you leverage AI to proactively engage end users in the most effective way across all marketing channels.

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“The results achieved through AIQUA’s push notifications were extremely high and we have achieved the same level of performance as SNS advertising for Hitosara Magazine. The web push is not based on delivered volume and cost-benefit is extremely high. I was quite surprised with the high level of ROI we managed to achieve.”

Takafumi Nagasaki, manager of Product Marketing from USEN Media

Our Values

Omnichannel Engagement

Reach your customers through a comprehensive range of communication channels all managed from one platform. An easy-to-use interface enables you to customize your user experience on both their app and website across each of the user’s devices. Your customer communications can be further optimized to target additional channels, including push notifications, email, SMS, and messenger programs.

AI-based Recommendation

Achieve hyper-personalization and deliver 1:1 recommendations with Appier’s deep content-based NLP and user-based AI solutions. Optimize not only performance (CTR, CVR), but also user experience (product coverage, diversity, novelty, etc.). You can set different goals by implementing hybrid strategies to adapt to the fast-changing world.

Customer Journey Automation

Engage your customers with real-time notifications triggered by their behavior along their user journey. Simply drag-and-drop to easily bridge gaps among key actions for conversion, and to orchestrate multiple channels and campaigns with AIQUA’s unique AI-driven Journey Map feature.

A/B and Multivariate Testing

Measure true performance uplifts and ROI by flexibly experimenting with multiple variants to identify the best creative or factor. Set up a control group to see whether your marketing campaigns are effective and check which variant performs the best with visualized analytics.

Custom Algorithms and Scenarios

Combine your industry know-how with our AI capabilities. On top of our standard platform, Appier provides custom services to design algorithms and scenarios that cater to your business goals. Import customized factors, algorithms and campaigns to the platform and see how they perform with our analytics.

Audience Segmentation

Define your target audience easily with various user conditions, including user behavior, CRM, external interests, etc. Import predictive segments from AIXON to make forward-looking decisions, such as predicting users who are likely to purchase or churn in the future.

Rich Creatives

Explore a wide range of creative formats for you to use across channels. Experiment with carousels, videos, GIFs and more to deliver personalized images and text with dynamic creatives based on conditions that cater to your marketing scenarios.

Why Our Customers Love Us


ZEE5 engaged app users at every key point of their customer journey with critical lifecycle campaigns to drive users back to the app. A 3x jump in CTR and video sampling via effective use of AI to uncover critical insights into its viewers.



Hitosara achieves success with Appier’s AI-powered customer engagement platform. Web push view rate reaches 19 times more users with AIQUA, lifting open rate by 36%



ezTravel used AIQUA to deliver personalized content through various channels, such as a coupon for new members and relevant product recommendations for existing customers. Increased CTR by 4X to 6.8X on their website and app.

The Appier Difference

Cutting-edge AI-based
Recommendation Engine

Appier’s AI scientist team developed the latest Deep Learning models to analyze the context of the product and user details, creating deep and unique recommendations for every single product or individual under different scenarios.

Across Channels

No more random guessing to decide what send time or which creative is better. Appier AI suggests to you the best timing of message delivery; Appier AI can also auto-distribute audiences to the best performing campaigns.

Seamless Actions with
Audience Segmentation Prediction

Marketers can take immediate actions based on users’ predicted behavior, such as predicted churn users from AIXON, to minimize the losses that could be incurred when only reactive actions are taken with traditional cloud-based marketing platforms.

According to a study by Forrestor Research, the maturity of AI deployment by enterprises is continuing to increase. It is found that 76% of companies expect to increase AI usage in their business decision making in the next 18~24 months.

Enterprise ML Development Maturing, May 2020
We Are Here to Help

Let us know about your marketing challenges and how you’d want to improve your marketing strategy.

How AIQUA Works

Audience Data

Onboard your first-party data and AIQUA will further enrich audience profiles with external keywords and interests

Segment Users and
Personalize Messages

Slice and dice your audience data with various conditions and provide personalized content and recommendations

Engage Audience Across
Multiple Channels

Execute your campaigns across channels such as web, app, email, SMS, instant messaging apps, etc.

Useful Resources to Elevate Your Efforts
Useful Resources to Elevate Your Efforts

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ezTravel used AIQUA to deliver personalized content through various channels, such as a coupon for new members and relevant product recommendations for existing customers. Increased CTR by 4X to 6.8X on their website and app.

Chief Marketing Officer, ezTravel
Chen Chi-Hao

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