Still distributing coupons to all users indiscriminately? Still bothered by the heavy manual effort required for coupon segmentation? Try AiDeal!

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“Appier is a leading artificial intelligence solution provider with abundant expertise and experience in helping enterprises tackle diverse business challenges. During our collaboration, AiDeal’s product features perfectly addressed Pizza Hut Taiwan’s challenges and pain points. I witnessed Appier’s strong technology capabilities and excellent teamwork.”

Howard Li, Digital Operations Director of Jardine Food Services (Taiwan)

Our Values

Stop Indiscriminate Coupon Distribution

Coupons distributed to everyone hurts profit margins. Target only hesitant buyers who need a push from incentives. Avoid delivering to window shoppers (those who won’t checkout with coupons) or immediate buyers (those who will buy regardless) to optimize your coupon costs.

Predict Purchase Intent with Deep Learning

Pinpoint users’ behavioral patterns in real time. Leverage thousands of data features, i.e., mouse movement and swiping trajectory, to calculate users’ likelihood to purchase. Know who to target and when to trigger coupon pop-ups dynamically to deliver optimal campaign results.

Maximize Marketing ROI and Seal the Deal

Drive immediate conversions among hesitant buyers with limited-time deals. No more wasted budget on immediate buyers and window shoppers. Increase transaction completion rate without diminishing margins. Improve overall conversion rates while optimizing profits.

Why Our Customers Love Us

Urban Research Outlet

Urban Research Outlet increased mobile conversion rate by 42%, PC conversion rate by 16% and boosted revenue by 70%



PizzaHut increased conversion rate by 15% and reduced transaction time by 20%



Carrefour increased online registration rate and conversion rate with Appier‘s full-funnel solutions

How Appier's Approach Outperforms Traditional Coupon Marketing

Identify Hesitant Buyers
with Deep Learning

End manual adjustment and endless spreadsheet calculation. Segment your audience in seconds with Deep Learning. Distribute coupons to the right audience effortlessly.

Deliver Coupons
Intelligently to Optimize

Trigger coupon delivery to only hesitant buyers who only require a push. Maximize profit margins and marketing ROI by reducing ineffective coupon costs.

Boost Conversions with
AI-driven Decisions

See clear comparisons and analytics on our dashboard. Work with our professional team to adjust your marketing strategy.

Coupons distributed to all customers increased acquisition costs and hurt profit margins, as 20-50% of promotions generated no noticeable lift in sales, or had a negative impact.

Report by Boston Conslutant Group (BCG)
We Are Here to Help

Let us know about your marketing challenges and how you’d want to improve your marketing strategy.

How AiDeal Works

Capture Data

Capture dynamic data and predict user behavior

Segment Users

Predict and update hesitation scores along the user journey

Offer Pop-up Coupons

Segment users by purchase intent, powered by advanced machine learning

Useful Resources to Elevate Your Efforts
Useful Resources to Elevate Your Efforts

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We’d Love to Hear from You

We help businesses solve their most challenging problems with artificial intelligence. Our full-funnel solutions and enterprise-grade products enable brands to make data-driven decisions, increase ROI, and accelerate business growth.

“We were consistently impressed by Appier’s technology expertise, as well as the team’s deep understanding of the e-commerce landscape to ensure overall success. ”

Edmund Wong, Director,

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