When you visit some websites, website owners might track your on-line behaviors so that they can reuse those information in customized ads, showing products or/and services that you might be interested based on your demographic characteristics, preference, choices and interests.

For what purpose and what data are used in Appier remarketing technology?

Appier collects anonymous information, including cookie data, IP address, Online identifiers. Appier uses these data to optimize advertisement.

Generally Appier doesn’t collect personal information from end users such as name, address, birthday, email…etc unless end users has fully granted authorization to Appier’s contracting parties.

How to stop seeing these ads?

You may opt out of receiving customized ads from Appier, our server will no longer process and use your information by enforcement of opt out. Below are instructions for opt out of receiving customized ads from Appier:

PC Web / Mobile Web users:

Click link and opt out remarketing advertisement.

iPhone users:

Go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking -> “Allow Apps to Request to Track”

Android users:

Go to Settings > Google settings> Ads >Opt out of interest-based ads