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The CMO Show: Chih-Han Yu Presents the Future of AI Marketing Attribution

Cross-screen targeting based on AI marketing data analysis to map the user journey, generate real-time predictions, improve attribution and increase conversions? It might sound like marketing nirvana but Appier’s CEO Chih-Han Yu is making it the new reality.

Marketers are always chasing the next breakthrough in marketing attribution.

From the largely outdated single-source model of user attribution to more elaborate probabilistic algorithms, the evolution of data-driven marketing is inseparable from the evolution of our understanding of attribution.

Never before has the demand for attribution been so great. This comes as businesses invest in increasingly disparate, omnichannel marketing campaigns guiding customers along a sales funnel that looks more like two brawling octopi than the traditional inverted pyramid.

Chih-Han Yu, Appier’s founder and CEO, had an epiphany chasing the answer to attribution from an artificial intelligence perspective. He realised he’d never find it unless he focused on business problems first and let the technology flow on from his customers’ specific demands.

And the most common need he found in the marketplace? Cross-device analytics.

“Using our platform, [for example] we can attribute that the user always checks the product on mobile device on their way to work,” Chih-Han says. “Then when they go to the office the users start purchasing on their office desktop. So we can actually link and complete a story of a user journey, across devices.”

Appier is a SaaS platform which draws on artificial intelligence to track single users across multiple devices – and even provide real-time predictive analytics for any given user based on the previous buying habits, to drive personalised marketing campaigns.

He gives the example of users who always window shop on their mobile device as they commute – but only makes purchases on their desktop at home. By deploying broader ads to mobile users and personalised desktop marketing to that user on the way home, Chih-Han Yu was able to assist the company increase conversions.

Tune in and join hosts Nicole Manktelow and Mark Jones in this deep-dive episode of The CMO Show discussion as they talk marketing analytics, attribution, startup culture and of course, Boston Dynamics’ Big Dog.

Source: The CMO Show: Chih-Han Yu presents the future of AI marketing attribution