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Appier Launches AIXPERT to Boost App Advertising Performance

Powered by AI, AIXPERT optimizes the performance of app advertising by discovering the highest value users and eliminating budget overspend

Appier, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) company, today announces the launch of AIXPERT, an AI-powered app advertising assistant to help marketers easily scale the performance of marketing campaigns such as app installs. AIXPERT enables apps to automate budget allocation across major advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, Apple Search Ads (ASA) and make better decisions with AI-based suggestions.

With AIXPERT, marketers can eliminate wasted time and budget from advertising trial and error; uncover hidden segments to expand audience outreach; and manage multiple channels in one integrated platform. Operating advertising campaigns on major platforms like Facebook, Google, and ASA is challenging because no one can consistently monitor all campaigns and ad groups. Optimizing campaign results often means repeated trial and error because of the many parameters on each platform, resulting in a needless waste of budget. Appier is launching AIXPERT to help marketers easily adjust their advertising budget while monitoring campaign results.  

AIXPERT features a full suite of AI-powered marketing automation tools, enabling marketers to review and manage cross-channel advertising campaigns on a single platform. With AIXPERT, marketers can discover valuable users with a large selection of AI segments ranked by size and performance and predict which segments may perform better before the campaign starts, allowing them to make informed and educated decisions on how much budget should be set to a specific advertising segment.

Bolstered by Machine Learning technology, AIXPERT analyzes data from multiple sources, including first-party data, Appier’s own database, and other integrated third-party data. As the data accumulates, AIXPERT leverages its scoring system to rank all interests based on potential value and the likelihood of these interests being ad-responsive for each platform, finding a sufficient amount of granular subsets and specific interests of the users within the app. Marketers can optimize campaigns with explainable AI suggestions and maintain routine operations like budget allocation, bidding adjustment, segment testing and more.

“We continue to see a surge in the shift to online and marketers are managing more customer across more digital touchpoints than ever before. By adopting AIXPERT, marketers can easily scale up well-performing campaigns and concentrate on the most strategic approaches to secure the brand’s competitiveness and stimulate business growth in the long run,” said Chih-Han Yu, CEO and Co-founder of Appier. “AIXPERT not only enables marketers to make educated decisions but also helps them achieve the optimal ROI from marketing investments.” AIXPERT also addresses the issue of advertising budget overspend.

The built-in customized AI Safeguards in the AIXPERT platform help marketers avoid disastrous situations and better manage the overall campaign budget. Through cross-platform report analysis, marketers can gain valuable insights from AIXPERT on how segments, creatives, and processes work across platforms and find out what works best for each marketing campaign based on the current situation and historical performance. With the launch of AIXPERT, Appier continues to strengthen and scale its current product suite. AIXPERT joins Appier’s portfolio of app advertising products and is the company’s latest step towards making AI easy and accessible for everyone.