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Appier Named Silver Winner at MMA 2020 Smarties APAC Awards

For the eighth year in a row, global marketing trade association the MMA has announced the winners of its mobile marketing awards program in Asia Pacific. The winners across 20 categories represent “outstanding innovation, creativity and achievement in the modern communications world where mobile is at the heart of consumer engagement,” according to the MMA.

Appier has received the Silver Award in the ‘Machine Learning’ category for its work with UnionBank, a leading retail bank in the Philippines that has long been recognized for its approach to digital transformation through effective use of data and cutting-edge technology.

One of the bank’s many efforts has been the launch of UnionBank Online, a mobile app which allows users to do free funds transfers; pay bills; deposit checks; and open a savings account. All this can be done securely in the app without the hassle of going to a physical branch, which has been particularly important to customers as they navigate the global pandemic.

To further promote the app, UnionBank worked with Appier to harness the power of Appier’s proprietary AI and machine learning-powered platforms and solutions to simplify and streamline the media buying process to quickly get the message to target customers that there is an easy way to manage their personal banking.

Appier helped Unionbank deliver hyper-targeted communications to carefully curated customer segments. UnionBank also leveraged Appier’s sophisticated AI fraud prevention tools to reduce potential brand damage and avoid inefficient spend.

In conjunction with UnionBank’s full marketing, through-the-line strategy, Appier helped to drive usage of the new mobile app, supporting an increase in app installations, registrations and growing the overall user base. Using AI and machine learning to target and communicate with the right audience segment at the right time, Union Bank was able to lower its CPA significantly within a short period of time. Multiple additional KPIs were achieved, most notably registration rate, cost per registration, and volume of leads generated from the app, which were on par with other channels such as the biggest search engines and social networks.

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