Startup Continent: The Most Well-Funded Tech Startups In Asia & The Pacific


Six of the 17 companies featured in our map are unicorns valued at $1B or more.

Asia and the Pacific region, which stretches from China to New Zealand, is home to nine countries whose most well-funded startup has raised over $100M. In five of those countries the most well-funded startup has raised over $1B. In total, $106B has been invested in Asia’s tech startups across more than 5,000 deals since 2012.

The most well-funded startup across Asia and the Pacific is the on-demand ride hailing company Didi Chuxing, located in China. Rounding out the top three most well-funded startups in the region are the e-commerce platform Flipkart in India, and the on-demand logistics company GO-JEK in Indonesia. Other startups in this part of the world that have raised over $1B include the e-commerce company Coupang in South Korea, and the on-demand ride hailing company Grab in Singapore.

Six of the 17 companies featured in our map infographic are unicorns valued at $1B+, all tracked on CB Insights real-time global unicorn club tracker. Those six companies include the aforementioned five most well-funded startups as well as Mercari, located in Japan. Mercari offers a mobile flea-market app and is valued at $1B. The company has raised only $114M to date.

Using CB Insights data, we identified the most well-funded VC backed tech startups in the Asia-Pacific region by country based on disclosed equity funding. We excluded debt funding and only considered companies that have raised at least $200K of funding to date. Companies that have not raised funding since 2014 are excluded from the mapping. With these criteria for selection, some countries did not make the map, including Mongolia, Timor-Leste, and others. The least well-funded startup on the map is in Cambodia: the news portal Khmerload raised $200K from 500 Startups in March this year.

Collectively, the startups on our map have raised just over $24B in disclosed equity funding as of 5/23/2017.

See the infographic and full list here.

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