Beyond Chatbots: 40+ Commerce Startups Using AI to Style Shoppers, Adjust Pricing, Track Behavior, and More

June 16, 2017

AI companies are working across shopping apps, natural language processing, image recognition, predictive inventory, and more.

Investors poured a record high of $4.9B into artificial intelligence (AI) startups in 2016, and AI is already affecting more areas of our lives than many people realize. Even retail and e-commerce companies are increasingly integrating the technology. While chatbots may be one of the more well-known use-cases for AI in commerce, there are many other startups finding alternative uses for AI in the space.

In 2017, some of the largest deals to AI commerce startups have included a $19.5M Series D to in-store visual monitoring startup Trax Image Recognition from Investec, a $16M Series A funding to location-based marketing startup Databerries from investors including Index Ventures and Mosaic Ventures, as well as a $15M Series B to natural language search startup Twiggle from Korea Investment Partners and Mizmaa Ventures.

Using CB Insights data, we created a market map showcasing the wide array of AI startups focused on retailers and e-commerce businesses, including AI-powered personal shopping apps, natural language processing and image recognition tools for shopping websites, predictive inventory allocation tools, and more.

While there are numerous other AI startups focused broadly on personalized marketing and ad targeting, we limited this market map to startups whose core focus is retail and e-commerce. Scroll down to view the graphic, category explanations, and a full company list with select investors.

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