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Travel & Hospitality Marketing Guide: Why Modern Travelers Prefer Apps Over Websites

Why Read This Guide? 

Appier’s new serialized guide on “Travel & Hospitality Marketing” is a must-read for marketers in the industry who want to better serve their customers in this post-pandemic world.

Check out ways to leverage AI marketing technology to better understand customers, engage with them with the most personalized content, and present them with the travel and tourism package of
their dreams.

Part 2 of the series focuses on travel apps and travel websites, the primary channels today’s travelers use to browse and purchase flight tickets and book hotel stays. Read it now to learn more about:

  • The typical travel customer journey
  • Pros and cons of travel apps and travel websites
  • Why the modern travel prefers travel apps over websites
  • How to maximize app installs organically and with martech


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