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AIRIS 101: A Short Guide to Appier's AI-powered CDP

Why Read This Guide? 

The marketing world is buzzing with news of customer data platforms (CDP) that leverage the power of AI. You may have heard about them, but do you know what features these next-generation CDPs come with? 

This short 8-page guide is your introduction to AIRIS, Appier's very own next-gen, AI-powered CDP. 

Our goal with AIRIS was to create a CDP that enables seamless data integration and shortens time-to-insight, all while being extremely flexible and easy to use. Download this guide to learn about: 

  1. Why businesses need to use a CDP
  2. The AI CDP & how it transcends the typical CDP
  3. Appier's AI CDP AIRIS & its 3 key features: real-time data ingestion, fast & intuitive data visualization, and AI-powered customer predictions 
  4. How you can use AIRIS to solve your marketing challenges 

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