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The "1st Party Data" Guide

Make the most of your 1st party data

As third-party cookies head to their end in 2024, marketers are looking to first-party data as the key to understanding their customers. 

First-party data is direct from customers, which means it provides the most accurate information about customer behaviors and interests. If you want to know how to enrich and leverage your first-party data, download our guide, which includes the following:

  • Appier Guide “Thriving in the Cookieless World” 
  • Appier Blog Posts: "Appier Explains: What is Zero-Party Data? (With Examples)" & Maximizing the Value of First-Party Data via Data Unification Across Different Channels and the Implementation of Customer Interaction"
  • One-Pager on CrossX, Appier’s user acquisition platform
  • One-Pager on AIQUA, Appier’s AI personalization cloud 
  • One-Pager on BotBonnie, Appier’s conversational marketing platform

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