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4 Steps to Navigate the Cookieless World

Welcome to the Cookieless World. What Now?

The Situation: Google has started the process of phasing out third-party cookies in Chrome. In Q1 of 2024,  Google has turned off these cookies for 1% of its Chrome users, which is about 30 million users. From Q3 of 2024, the plan is to deprecate third-party cookies for 100% of its users.  

The Challenge: Marketers, who have long relied on third-party cookies for data on customer behaviors and interests, must figure out a new way to learn about their potential and existing customers. 

The Answer: First-party cookies and first-party data. Go directly to the sourceyour customersto understand them better. 

Read our guide now to understand how to leverage and optimize the use of first-party data for success in a cookieless world.




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