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Financial Services Marketing to Gen Z: The Age of Cryptocurrencies & Other Alternative Assets

Why Read This Guide? 

As you are reading this, the latest cohort of Gen Zers are graduating from college and getting ready to enter the workforce. One of the biggest decisions they will be making has to do with finances. How will they spend, save and invest their money as they become financially independent? 

For financial services marketers like yourselves, this is a rare opportunity to reach out, engage, and build a solid relationship with a new generation of consumers who have yet to adopt many financial services or form brand loyalties. To do that, Appier is here to support with our latest report.

Download the free report now and learn about:

  • Forces driving the new financial services marketing landscape 
  • Generation Z’s financial habits that set them apart 
  • Challenges & solutions for the modern day financial services marketer
  • Appier’s AI solutions in action (case studies of our finance industry clients)

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