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Appier’s Guide to Consumer-Centric Digital Marketing: The Beauty Industry Edition

Why Read This Guide? 

The global beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, one that is extremely lucrative with high margins and extremely competitive with so many players vying for consumers’ attention and wallets. As seasonality plays a key role in new product launches and promotions, this is the perfect time to learn about how to make a splash with your products this summer and in the upcoming holiday sales season. 

Appier has worked with a number of the biggest names in beauty, and this report is a condensed guide of our tips and insights for catching customers' eye and engaging them when it comes to cosmetic products. Download for free and read on to learn: 

  • How to make your ads more dynamic and click-worthy
  • How to provide value through your social media content
  • How to leverage targeted coupons to get customers to check out
  • How Clarins partnered with Appier for its award-winning holiday campaign


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