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The “Acquisition” Pack

Finding the shoppers who will actually purchase

When it comes to holiday sales, the more shoppers you have the merrier! To ensure a high level of foot and internet traffic, you may be tempted to blast out word of your promotion to everyone. However, is this really the best use of your marketing budget? Is everyone receiving your news actually interested in your sale and thus a potential buyer?

For effective shopper acquisition, we recommend a targeted approach to marketing: precision marketing. Take the time to understand your existing customer base and all their obvious and hidden interests, then look for similar target audiences. Beyond these similar audiences, find other groups of shoppers you’ve never thought to target but are actually interested in your products. 

If you want to know how AI can help, download our “acquisition” pack now which contains the following:

  • 1 Appier Report: “How to Maximize Your Holiday Sales With AI”
  • 1 Appier Guide” “Thriving in the Cookieless World” 
  • 1 Appier Blog Post: Market Segmentation & How It Works
  • 1 One-Pager on AIXON, Appier’s customer data science platform



Download the "Acquisition" Pack