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Must-Read Appier Case Studies of 2022 (Part2)

Why Read This Guide? 

In Part 2 of Must-Read Appier Case Studies of 2022, we explore how 3 brands (BMW Taiwan, Centrum, and Shin Kong Life Insurance) partnered with Appier to innovate their social engagement and develop AI–powered, data-driven marketing strategies. At the end of this report, we also share our tips and suggestions for businesses to take as they kickstart 2023. 

Please download Must-Read Appier Case Studies (Part II). We hope that this will assist our readers to quickly learn the strategies and methods used by each brand we featured, including:

  • How BMW’s Taiwan importer Pan German Motors used a new Facebook feature that was exclusive to Appier’s BotBonnie to achieve 4 times more engagement on the social media platform 
  • How Centrum achieved a 90.5% survey completion rate by incentivizing its Facebook fans with probiotic sample packs
  • How Shin Kong Life Insurance leveraged AI to optimize customer acquisition while lowering CPC by 25%  
  • 2023’s key marketing trends: AI solutions, conversational commerce, and personalized recommendations  

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