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Must-Read Appier Case Studies of 2022 (Part1)

Why Read This Guide? 

Drawing on the rules of thumb for brand success can often help marketers plan strategic deployments that suit the brand.  

In Part 1 of Must-Read Appier Case Studies of 2022, we explore how 4 brands (Clarins, Senheng, Better Milk, and Heineken) partnered with Appier to achieve online revenue growth and deploy their retail OMO strategy. At the end of this report, we also share trend insights and actions to take from the year 2022.

Please download this Must-Read Appier Case Studies (Part I). We hope that this will assist readers to quickly learn the strategies and methods used by each brand. 

  • Clarins significantly improved its targeting methods and reduced its CPA by 30%, and increased onsite conversion rate by 44%.
  • Senheng used AI to predict potential customers and successfully generated 12 times higher order value.
  • Better Milk optimized its marketing automation process of the official website, and the click-through rate was 4 times higher than the average of the food and beverage industry.
  • Heineken established an invoice registration and consumption point mechanism on LINE, which achieved a conversion rate of 71% and sales of more than 5 million.
  • Insights into three major trends from 2022: predictable returns, first-party data, and OMO integration.

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