Acquire the Most Valuable App Users at Scale

Use our user acquisition solution with deep learning to find the best users for each app and reduce your manual labor.

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Predict user value and find the most valuable ones with deep learning

Our AI technology leverages deep learning technology to automate prediction model construction to predict the most valuable users. Over ten thousand feature combinations such as user profiles, site data, user behavior will then be fed into our deep learning model to help our customers to find quality users in real-time and win the optimal bid.

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ROAS-based optimization

Our platform predicts based on early signals and patterns the best group of users that fulfill multiple goals like “visit,” “register,” “purchase,” and other future behaviors or patterns, such as lifetime value, that will bring the highest ROI for our customers. and ensure a satisfactory ROAS.

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High-quality traffic with 100% transparency

Rest assured that your app user reach is as expansive as can be. AIBID covers up to 98% of the app users globally and helps you engage with app users in over 500K of mobile apps. 100% transparent traffic to grow your app business healthily.

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