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Exceed your conversion targets

Leverage the power of AI to predict and re-engage with the ideal audience segments. Deliver the best product recommendations that will resonate with your audience in real time and get them to purchase.

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Find those who buy

Having trouble finding valuable users? Our AI solution analyzes over millions of signals and combinations to predict the lifetime value of every user in real time, and finds you the most powerful and productive audience segments that will convert to re-engage with.

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Trigger desire to buy with tailored recommendations

Appier’s Deep Learning-based algorithms offer effective recommendation strategies based on predictions by analyzing users’ on-site and off-site behavior to learn their intention. Bring the most relevant products to your audiences and guide them to check out.

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Precise predictions delivering incremental value

Appier’s AI scientists created the ultimate bidding model based on over one million signals to predict a precise ROAS outcome for every bid in real time. Rely on the model to bring incremental value for your business.

Why customers trust us

Carrefour Testimonial

Carrefour was able to gain customers and end up with better marketing budget allocation by partnering with Appier. With the support from the Appier team, we could design complementary digital strategies based on intelligence that fits our marketing needs in different campaigns, allowing Carrefour to come out on top in a competitive online retail environment.

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