Turn data into insights with AI-powered profile unification

Unify customer data across all touchpoints with our identity matching solution. Turn website traffic which is 90% anonymous into actionable insights with high accuracy to understand individual users’ preferences holistically.

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Turn scattered data into valuable insights with AI

Unify user data across channels with real-time AI predictions via AIXON’s Intelligent User Profile that leverages the probabilistic matching method. Target the right audience, expand user reach and retain valuable visitors accurately without any third-party cookies.

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Know the most about users with a 360° user view

Centralize data across multiple sources, such as web, app, social media, and offline data all in AIXON. Supplement personal information and activities with AI-predicted insights and user affinity on Customer 360 to understand each customer's journey.

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Retain unknown visitors to drive conversion

Got high traffic but low conversions? Enlist Appier's help to capture users’ behavior whether known or anonymous and merge user identities across channels to build a consistent user view. Boost conversions by targeting each user with relevant content.

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Deliver 1:1 personalized user engagement

Collect and unify all of your online and offline data to get more actionable insights. Personalize user experience to the individual level at every touchpoint whether you're engaging with cold calls, sales or customer service.

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“Appier’s AI solutions make people feel at home when they visit our websites, allowing us to both introduce our products to potential customers and grow our relationship with our existing base.”

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