Onboard, automate and predict easily with AutoML

Get easy access to AI's machine learning and predictive models to super charge your marketing approach. Leverage AutoML to transform your business for countless marketing needs.

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What is AutoML?

Automated machine learning (AutoML) makes the application of machine learning models to business problems easy by automating the end-to-end process. Now, non-scientists can use AutoML to find the most suitable model for each business need, and obtain customer insights and predictions with ease.

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AutoML predictions at your fingertips

Leverage AIXON’s AutoML to deploy scenario-based AI models for various marketing and business needs, such as predicting purchase and churn, finding lookalike audiences and more. With a simple click, you can target and engage the right customers with ease and high accuracy.

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How is our AutoML superior?

Appier is an AI-native company with a team of professional scientists and marketing experts dedicated to creating the best marketing solutions. We are more capable of defining marketing-related problems and handling features and labels to quickly solve problems. Our AutoML technology is optimized and professionally tailored for use in marketing scenarios, resulting in better performance than the market standard.

Values of AutoML



User-friendly for non-technical users to leverage AutoML and deploy models.



Speed up and simplify the machine learning process to build an accurate model.



Reduce the time, money and human effort needed to build sophisticated models.



Easy to adjust features and parameters to meet various business scenarios.



More transparent by providing important factors to explain the rationale behind AI-driven decisions.



Yield more accurate predictions than hand-coded models.

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