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watashi+ by shiseido taiwan - Captures Hesitant Buyers with AI technology from Appier

Shiseido Taiwan Group advances its deployment in their online shopping platform, combining technology and branding to entice hesitant buyers

AI SaaS company, Appier today announced the results and learnings of implementing AiDeal solution to identify hesitant buyers on watashi+ by shiseido taiwan. Shiseido Taiwan Group introduced timely and exclusive promotional coupons to communicate with hesitant buyers individually, allowing watashi+ by shiseido taiwan to successfully increase conversion rates by 47%, add-to-cart ratios by 28%, and transaction completion rates by 15%. 

watashi+ by shiseido taiwan comprises of popular skincare, makeup, and sun care brands under the Shiseido Group: ELIXIR, d program, ANESSA, etc., providing fans of Japanese beauty brands an all-round online-merge-offline (OMO) shopping platform. The website allows consumers to enjoy their shopping journey with Shiseido online through watashi+ by shiseido taiwan, while staying at home due to the pandemic. Through extended collaborations with Appier and accumulating online traffic, the website uses Appier’s AI computing to produce individualized online promotions that attract more valuable visitors to the site to browse and complete purchases. It increases the beauty website’s conversion rate even without discounted prices, while taking care of profit. 

Challenges: further increase in conversion rate & non-discounted offers

Like the challenges many brand marketers encounter, watashi+ by shiseido taiwan on one hand needs to use a limited marketing budget to turn more online leads into customers, reaching super standard conversions; on the other hand, to ensure online and offline prices are consistent while differentiating from current promotional events. Based on the above consideration, watash+ by shiseido taiwan decided only took place in non-discount formats to attract customers.

Image 1: Exclusive mask as gift-with-purchase speeds up conversions of hesitant buyers on watashi+ by shiseido taiwan


Specifically, watashi+ by shiseido taiwan incorporates the following 3 steps to successfully capture the hesitant buyer

  • Use ML to differentiate old and new hesitant buyers: To increase the website’s conversion rate, Appier simultaneously locks in on new members and current members with a purchase history, using machine learning to differentiate visitors who are more likely to be stimulated by coupons to purchase.
  • Exclusive face masks as differentiating rewards: To prevent price differences with physical stores while ensuring overall profit, watashi+ uses exclusive face masks as a reward for orders over $888 NTD to increase conversion rates.’
  • Accelerate transactions with limited-time offers: A gift-with-purchase offer limited to 30 minutes successfully accelerated hesitant buyers to reach the designated order value, increasing orders completed within 15 minutes by 13%, and orders completed within 15-30 minutes by 36%; orders that reached the designated value increased by 61%.

Image 2: watashi+ by shiseido taiwan successfully decrease transaction times and increase order values

AI Super Salesman helps identify hesitant behaviors

Observing the behaviors characteristics of visitors after entering the site, AiDeal discovered 2 PM to 3 PM on Wednesday and Thursday are the peaks of hesitant customer transactions. Machine learning algorithms have also found different hesitant characteristics between users on watashi+ desktop and mobile. Hesitant characteristics in desktop users include: average mouse clicks of less than 8 times, logging in and visiting the home page, visiting the website throughout weekdays, browsing through over 7 pages of products and adding products to their shopping cart. Alternately, hesitant characteristics in mobile visitors include: scrolling through less than 3,000 pixels of a page, new visitors visiting the home page, and browsing through 3 to 4 pages and adding products to their shopping cart. These characteristics are all unidentifiable with traditional marketing tools.

Rita Chen, Assistant Department Manager, Corporate Marketing Dept. Shiseido Taiwan Group, says : “With the recent rising pandemic in Taiwan, physical stores bear the brunt. As the market began fighting a promotional war to attract consumers, Shiseido acknowledged that only a deeper understanding of consumers’ decision-making processes can sustain brand influence. Appier’s AiDeal solution has stimulated faster purchases from hesitant buyers on the beauty website through differentiated offers. It provides customers with new shopping surprises while ensuring channel advantages, allowing new and current members to have better online shopping experiences. In response to future states of the pandemic, we will work with Appier to strengthen our digital marketing to allow customers to easily shop beauty products that are suitable and authentic, without leaving the house.”

For more success stories, please visit Appier's Success Stories page .

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