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PX Mart Strengthens OMO Digital Strategy Deployment with Appier

Automated communication and conversational marketing to fully improve personalized interactive experience

Unifying cross-channel data to create timely insights on purchase and
to accurately react and explore consumer demand

Appier announced that PX Mart will adopt Appier’s full suite of enterprise solutions to strengthen its Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) digital strategy deployment. Data across multiple platforms, including PX Mart (company website), PX Pay (mobile payment), PXGo! (e-commerce platform) and POS (offline data) will be unified and further applied to enrich user profile for unlocking more business opportunities, and further optimize marketing campaign results through personalized engagement. The objective is to strengthen the overall digital strategy for PX Mart and optimize its operational efficiency. Furthermore, this will enable PX Mart to have more flexibility to respond to market uncertainties, scale its data assets and fulfill or uncover customers' needs to build a more solid foundation in its digital transformation.  

PX Mart believes that data is the key to solidifying the long-term competitiveness of brands, and has been actively building a Data Middle Platform to integrate behavioral data of store sales, transactions, on-site data, and in-app behavior in the past two years.  Currently, PX Mart has a total of 17 million members in addition to the 8 million PX Pay members, which in total  is more than than 70% of Taiwan's population and nearly 90% of the household purchase data. Moving forward into the next stage of digital transformation, PX Mart also hopes to further connect the data of its PX Pay members and LINE official account followers,  and develop a more effective brand marketing strategy from analyzing these data. PX Mart looks forward to  leveraging the "de-identified" data to assist suppliers to increase the sales and cross-selling opportunities, and connect upstream and downstream vendors to improve purchase, sales, and inventory management and channel distribution.

“Although PX Mart owns a significant amount of member data, it must proactively seek more timely and effective measures to communicate better with consumers.” said James Liu, Marketing Department Director of PX Mart. “Appier’s practical experience in the industry and its well-known AI technology capabilities will bring a whole new perspective and insights on consumers, in conjunction with data and AI, to assist PX Mart to stay ahead in brand marketing”.

“Appier is dedicated to creating value for its clients, and we are very pleased to become PX Mart’s partner  in digital transformation and to assist PX Mart to enhance digital strategy and improve operational effectiveness,” said Dr. Chih-Han Yu, Appier’s CEO and co-founder. “We are confident that, with the data-driven solutions and analysis and insights derived from AI, Appier can assist PX Mart in marketing automation and business decision-making to strengthen PX Mart’s flexibility and advantage in the retail industry and to respond to changes in the market”. 

In general, Appier will assist PX Mart to fulfill medium and long-term goals of digital transformation through the following six approaches: 

  1. Unify offline transaction data to enhance digital strategy: PX Mart possesses a significant number of offline transaction data. Through the analysis of recent purchase behavior and information of customer, including the types of purchased merchandise, brands, items, quantity, stores of purchase, methods, amounts, dates, and any member points earned and periods of point redemption, the offline transaction information can be immediately converted to usable structured data or tags and integrated into the digital strategy to meet consumer demand more precisely.
  2. Use auto-tagging to enrich customer profile : PX Mart’s Data Middle Platform gives access to information on PX Mart official website, PX Pay, and PXGo!Online Shopping. AIXON Customer Data Science Platform is capable of integrating data from these web pages and applications and comparing lookalike users to enrich customer profile and tags. From there, AIXON applies AI and machine learning-generated user affinity to further deliver personalized messages and enhance the effectiveness of AIQUA, Appier’s AI personalization cloud. 
  3. Support push messages in multi-channel marketing automation: AIQUA AI Personalization Cloud assists automated push messages on websites and in apps, and supports instant communication software like LINE and Meta Messenger. With the one-stop service, marketers can conduct multi-channel marketing automation according to customers’ interests, RFM data, loyalty, merchandise, and channel preference of different segments.
  4. Customize personalized page and product recommendation: The deep learning technology of AIQUA can analyze texts, images, and the mouse movements of the products searched or viewed by customers. After analyzing relevant attributes, the AI model can customize personalized pages and merchandize recommendations, which is instrumental to improve the purchasing experience for online users and cross-selling capability to create potential business opportunities and maximize product value.
  5. Increase customer participation via conversational marketing: Instant messaging software has become an indispensable channel for communication between brands and users, and a source through which to acquire valuable first-party data. PX Mart will be adopting  Appier’s BotBonnie conversational marketing platform, combined with the above AIQUA AI Personalization Cloud, to increase the online engagement of customers, identify the cross-channel behavior of users, and achieve customer-centric, full-funnel marketing.
  6. Analyze usage scenarios of members to understand potential behavior: One of the advantages of Appier’s solutions is its ability to enable brands to adopt immediate actions. As PX Mart’s database becomes more complete, it can analyze user scenarios of members and create appropriate brand marketing promotions based on the potential behaviors of these users. For example, as a response to the home-cooking trend caused by the pandemic, PX Mart can use deep learning to analyze members and product tags to improve the effectiveness of recipe recommendations and promote sales of fresh ingredients. Alternatively, PX Mart can provide different reward points according to the spending levels of members to encourage purchasing and increase the loyalty of members. 

Digital transformation is a continuous process with many iterations. PX Mart has acquired a leading position in terms of stores, size of membership, and mobile payment, while its online shopping and delivery services have achieved the goal of expanding to all of Taiwan earlier than scheduled. In the future, Appier’s enterprise solutions will play a vital role in assisting PX Mart to integrate its Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) strategy, stimulating business growth at different stages of the user journey, responding more effectively to customer demands, and combining cross-product synergies to create a win-win situation for brands, customers and suppliers.  

About PX Mart 

Established in 1998 with 66 stores, PX Mart has become a major retail chain in Taiwan with more than 1000 stores nationwide. PX Mart has been upholding the motto of “It is Really Cheap”, and continuing to sell merchandise cheaper than convenience stores and hypermarkets to fulfill the responsibility of stabilizing consumer prices, the same role it had played as a post exchange store for civil servants and military personnel in the past.  In 2008, PX Mart entered the fresh food market and chose to manage food safety from its origins, and subsequently became the largest retailer chain for modern agricultural products. PX Mart has always been “the supermarket for all”, expanding its presence from prosperous urban areas to remote villages and offshore islands. See www.pxmart.com.tw for more information. 

About Appier

Appier (TSE: 4180) is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that uses artificial intelligence to power business decision-making. Founded in 2012 with a vision of democratizing AI, Appier now has 17 offices across APAC, Europe and the U.S., and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 

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