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Appier partners with Better Milk to build omnichannel shopping experience

Better Milk now has a one-stop platform with insights into customers, enhancing engagement and creating business opportunities for partners and the industry

Appier today announced its partnership with BetterMilk, an ethically-sourced fresh milk company from Taiwan, to strengthen Better Milk’s digital marketing strategy. Through the adoption of a one-stop AI powered solution, BetterMilk was able to simplify its marketing platform operations, effectively integrating its online and offline data to deliver more precise communication to its customers, while optimizing its marketing campaign results with lower resources, operation costs and a shorter timeframe.

As consumers increasingly switch to online purchases, e-commerce platforms have become an essential part of any and all brand operations. In order to strengthen Better Milk’s online sales and customer loyalty, the brand recently stepped up its adoption of MarTech tools, aiming to further enhance customer engagement and interaction on all of its online platforms. Specifically, Better Milk faced two key digital challenges:

  1. Difficulty in obtaining offline data and integrating online data: Better Milk’s customer data sources were scattered across offline channels, such as retail stores and other point-of-sale (POS), as well as its online platform. The dispersion of the customer data across offline distribution channels meant that there was no integration of existing customer data, making it hard for Better Milk to gain a full picture into its customers’ behavior and preferences to implement precise marketing activities. This also resulted in the brand missing out on timely opportunities to promote special offers or deliver brand messages to its loyal customers.
  2. Disparate sources of data through different marketing tools: Better Milk used to rely on multiple marketing tools that were excessively complicated and dispersed. For example, its eDM and SMS marketing campaigns were managed on separate platforms, making it difficult for teams to analyze customer data and campaign performance across different touchpoints. Not only did this cost extra time and manpower, Better Milk’s marketers also needed to constantly switch between different platforms and familiarize themselves with multiple marketing tools.  

According to the Department of Statistics, Ministry of Economic Affairs, online retail sales in Taiwan increased to NT$430.3 billion (US$13.5 billion) in 2021, a historical high with a year-on-year growth rate of 24.5 percent. This accounted for 10.8 percent of total retail sales, an increase of 3.3 percent from 2019. Meanwhile, according to PwC Taiwan's 2021 Taiwan SME Digital Transformation Survey, wholesale and retail businesses were expected to expand market share and target new markets through digital transformation, with more than 40 percent planning to establish new business models within the next three years. In view of this, businesses may be more willing to rely on data to improve customer relationship management in the future. As one of the leading SMB brands in Taiwan, Better Milk proactively adopts digital tools to improve its customer experience and operational efficiency. 

“Better Milk has transformed the rules of the dairy industry with a visionary business mindset, allowing milk producers, distributors and consumers to benefit from their new and unique sales model. For the next phase of our growth, we want to leverage a one-stop platform with intelligent data integration to strengthen our customer engagement and open up new collaboration opportunities with our partners. Appier’s expertise, with their strong background in AI-powered marketing, has proven invaluable to our partnership.  We are excited to work with Appier to achieve our digital transformation goals,” said Chien-Chia Kung, founder of Better Milk. 截圖 2022-10-14 下午1.17.20

Figure 1: Better Milk adopts Appier enterprise solutions to enhance customer engagement and membership maintenance while strengthening collaboration with distributors and industry partners

Better Milk aims to address their current business challenges with two approaches: “enhancing customer engagement and membership maintenance” and “strengthening collaboration with distributors and industry partners”. 

Enhancing customer engagement and membership maintenance

Customer relationship management is a key focus for Better Milk. With Appier's enterprise solutions, Better Milk is now able to integrate its offline consumer data with online user data and behaviors, allowing the brand to enhance its customer engagement and membership maintenance.

With AIQUA personalization cloud, Better Milk can now target low-loyalty customers and high-loyalty customers respectively with tailored messages across different marketing channels. For example, Better Milk set up repurchase notifications and latest discount offers to low-loyalty customers, while sending brand stories and weekly delivery subscription messages to high-loyalty customers to strengthen customer loyalty. In addition, the BotBonnie conversational marketing platform will help Better Milk to  engage with its customers through Messenger and LINE even after they leave the website, ensuring cross-channel message automation and personalized engagement experiences.

To accelerate website conversion, Better Milk also adopted AiDeal conversion optimization cloud, leveraging AI to identify hesitant shoppers and maximize transaction volume and order value with personalized coupon delivery. During the Mid-Autumn Festival period, Better Milk successfully increased its website conversion rate by 33 percent through an online campaign with NT$50 off when customers spent over NT$500.

Strengthening collaboration with distributors and industry partners

In the past, Better Milk’s offline distribution channels were highly dispersed and could not effectively track offline purchasing information. With Appier’s solutions to collect online and offline data, Better Milk was able to have a clearer view of its customers and implement effective and personalized communication. The brand can now gain more insights into its customers from online campaigns, and ensure that the information is shared with offline partners. This enables Better Milk to provide a better customer experience across all of its channels and open up more cross-industry online and offline collaboration opportunities with other brands.  

Better Milk also utilized BotBonnie to transfer offline consumption data to its dashboard and migrate its e-commerce platform data to AIQUA to create a unified customer profile. On top of this, the brand was able to strengthen the customer journey with highly interactive engagements across each touchpoint with customers - this included a collaboration with CTBC bank to guide its credit card users to visit Better Milk’s official LINE account by scanning a unique QR code. This has helped Better Milk to expand its online community and further enhance customers' lifetime value.   

Through this collaboration with Appier, Better Milk is looking forward to creating more customer-centric campaigns and maximizing their return on investment (ROI) by leveraging Appier’s AI powered solutions. 


About Better Milk

Established in 2015, Better Milk believes “better cows create better milk” and endeavors to build up a “single-source” milk production model. Chien-Chia Kung, founder of Better Milk, formed a professional team at a dairy farm. In this way, Better Milk can guarantee the milk quality from the production source. Veterinary supervision, single-farm source, no ingredients adjustment and fair trade are four guidelines that Better Milk insists to follow, to offer better dairy options to the  market and consumers. By creating a new food and agricultural ecosystem that consumers can trust, farmers can be proud of and animals can stay healthy, Better Milk is on the way to become the most influential dairy brand in Taiwan. For more information, please visit www.bettermilk.com.tw.

About Appier

Appier (TSE: 4180) is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to power business decision-making. Founded in 2012 with a vision of democratizing AI, Appier now has 17 offices across APAC, Europe and the U.S., and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 

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