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Appier powers Be Group's growth in Vietnam's competitive multi-service app industry

Appier has joined forces with Be Group, a prominent player in Vietnam's multi-service application sector, to help drive the Vietnamese brand’s business growth and user engagement. Be Group, known for its Be app that offers services like ride-hailing and food and grocery deliveries, marked significant milestones in boosting market share and user loyalty through this innovative partnership.

Established in 2018, Be Group has rapidly emerged as a critical player in Vietnam's multi-service application industry, holding a substantial 25% market share. The company aimed to capitalize on the exponential growth of iPhone users in Vietnam, seizing the opportunity to maximize app revenue effectively. Two crucial challenges and opportunities emerged:

  • Expanding the user base: Be Group sought to acquire new app users, especially those with a high intention of making their first ride booking. The exponential growth of iOS users expanded the potential user base, making precise audience targeting more challenging.
  • Fostering and retaining user loyalty: Engaging dormant users, particularly those who had not made orders in more than 30 days, was vital for building user habits and loyalty.

Appier, with its expertise in AI, employed a two-pronged approach to address Be Group's challenges:

  1. New User Acquisition: Appier harnessed first-party data from Be App using deep learning and machine learning. This allowed for precise audience segmentation, enabling the acquisition of users with a solid intention to book their first ride. The strategy incorporated Apple Search Ads utilizing Appier's AIXPERT AI-Assistant automation tool and programmatic.
  2. Nurturing User Loyalty: AI analyzed first-party mobile data from the Be app to identify dormant users and predict their likelihood of making another booking. Predictive analytics helped Appier anticipate the cost of the User Acquisition and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). 

Be Group achieved remarkable results through this partnership. Notably, Appier's AI-driven solutions helped Be Group successfully reactivate millions of dormant users, re-engaging them to make repeated bookings.

"We are thrilled with the outcomes of our partnership with Appier. Their exceptional AI-powered solutions have driven growth, engaged our users, and bolstered our market position. Appier's innovative approach to user acquisition and re-engagement has proven invaluable in achieving these impressive results, highlighting the strength of our collaboration as we work together to shape the future of our industry,” said a spokesperson from Be Group.

This collaboration was centered on leveraging 1st party data, deep learning, and extensive insights into user behavior to achieve the campaign's ultimate goal: acquiring new users with booking behavior and bringing back dormant users. This holistic approach saw a sixfold increase in Apple Search channel volume.

Both companies are excited about the possibilities this partnership has opened up. The results are reflected in the numbers, user habits, and loyalty Be Group has successfully instilled among its customers.

With the industry expected to continue evolving, the partnership between Appier and Be Group stands as a testament to the power of AI and data-driven insights in driving business growth and creating loyal customer bases. Both companies look forward to future endeavors as they aim to remain at the forefront of Vietnam's thriving multi-service application industry.


About Appier

Appier (TSE: 4180) is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that uses artificial intelligence to power business decision-making. Founded in 2012 with a vision of democratizing AI, Appier now has 17 offices across APAC, Europe, and US, and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Visit www.appier.com for more information about Appier and its applications of generative AI.

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