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Appier launches AIRIS, the next-gen AI-powered CDP leveraging first-party data to activate MarTech applications

Seamless data unification enables 360° user profile generation in one-click, while data visualization reflects user feedback in real-time

Shortening the time spent from data to insight and insight to action, and visualizing results from marketing campaigns remain as critical issues for most enterprises considering Customer Data Platforms (CDP). In light of this, Appier (TSE: 4180) today announces the launch of AIRIS, the next-generation AI-powered CDP to support brands and marketers to achieve the fastest time-to-insight with smarter decision-making and execution by leveraging its advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies.

This launch comes following its acquisition of Woopra in October and is a combination of AIXON’s advanced user-centric predictive AI capabilities with Woopra’s superior data analytics and intuitive data visualization to help enterprises turn data to insight, and insights to action and results. The name AIRIS is derived from the word "iris", which strongly reflects its visualization features that will empower enterprises to identify customers precisely and generate timely predictive insights. 

AIRIS meets the current pain points of shorter time-to-insights and prediction requests that enterprises need to maximize their campaign ROIs in order to better respond to market challenges. Appier completing the integration just two months after the Woopra acquisition is a strong demonstration of its position as a leading AI SaaS company. AIRIS is available across Asia Pacific in English, Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese with flexible and scalable pricing packages to suit enterprises of all sizes.

"We understand that obtaining insights from data in the shortest time possible is a major pain point for enterprises and marketers. The next generation of CDP launched by Appier, combining its expertise in AI technology and digital marketing, not just meets the needs of marketers, but will also be a market-leading solution to respond to this pain point," said Dr. Chih-Han Yu, CEO and co-founder of Appier. "AIRIS will empower enterprises to achieve seamless data integration and fastest data-to-visualization, and tailor prediction models to strengthen customer relationships and bring customer experiences to the next level."

Fragmented and missing data are some of the key reasons driving the higher costs of personalization for brands. What enterprises care about the most is usually the hardest to predict. With the next-generation CDP AIRIS, enterprises can integrate and synchronize customer data via one-click integrations and analyze every touch point throughout the customers’ journeys to gain more insights. With its AI-powered prediction capability, enterprises can now create more campaigns that have a higher likelihood of being received well by customers, unleashing the full benefits of a CDP to maximize business value and impact. 

Brands and marketers stand to benefit from AIRIS in the following five ways: 

  1. Increase the value of first-party data and empower data storytelling

    In response to several restrictions around the use of third-party data, AIRIS can seamlessly integrate various data sources, including existing cloud databases, online and offline sales data, and user data across web, app, messenger, and more than 50 external platforms to establish user-centric and comprehensive 360-degree customer views. Brands will be able to tell stories with data by visualizing customers' purchase intent, preferences, and decision-making tendencies. With the inferred data insights and AI extrapolations, enterprises will now be able to tailor more effective and personalized marketing strategies.
  2. Grant a higher level of autonomy and flexibility for marketers

    Without data science capabilities, it is hard for marketers to quickly develop marketing strategies and directions. AIRIS is equipped with several marketer-friendly features, such as defining user attributes in one-click, plug-and-play set-up, and low-code/no-code interface so that marketers can easily gain insights to make decisions and plan activities without the help of IT, data scientists, or manual data analysis. This advantage is even more crucial in the current post-Covid era, as it can solve marketers’ challenges fundamentally to help them cope with the fast-changing market environment. 
  3. Data visualization is like a gold mine of insights

    Through built-in user-centric and intuitive analysis templates, AIRIS can visualize the impact on the user at every touchpoint, supporting marketers to analyze long-term cohort behaviors through timeframe, segment, retention, and churn rate analysis, and find out the correlations and insights. For example, marketers can analyze campaign performance and its correlations and uplift cues by browsing "how many users are repeatedly making purchases after they sign up", observing "the changes in monthly revenue after adopting a specific coupon delivery campaign", and analyzing "users' revisit, interaction, and purchase behavior for several months after sign up”. 
  4. Preview and predict performance before investment to maximize ROI

    AIRIS can tag onsite visitors with more than 500 predictive user attributes in real-time, allowing marketers to quickly tailor engagement and prediction models through an automated Machine Learning platform to create more campaigns that are received well by customers. With AIRIS, marketers can also predict before investment by reviewing the correlations between marketing activity and sales growth, as well as getting to know why a customer stopped its journey on a specific channel. By predicting users who have higher chances to purchase or with a higher chance to churn, marketers can retarget high-value customers and customize product recommendations or coupon delivery to further enhance campaign performance and optimize their return on investment.  
  5. Responding to data privacy regulations to ensure user data security 

    Growing concerns about data privacy from customers and regulations regarding data privacy have set up a higher compliance standard for enterprises. Enterprises are now being requested to review and delete user data when users ask for the "Right to be forgotten (RTBF)". Adopting AIRIS can enable enterprises to manage users' cookie consent easily and maximize the value of data while respecting users' data privacy for further analysis and campaign usage. Appier has always been committed to protecting every client's and their customer’s data and has also been transparent in how data is being collected, utilized, and shared. Ensuring user data security while fulfilling the needs of data processing for enterprises of all sizes is of the utmost importance for Appier. 

AIRIS's powerful and highly customizable features can simplify routine marketing tasks. Coupled with Appier’s strong AI-powered prediction and analytics capability, AIRIS can further enrich data or bridge gaps in marketing campaigns. Marketers can now focus on tasks that matter the most and stay aligned with the organization’s strategic goals while paying close attention to their customer's needs and experiences to truly empower first-party data-centric solutions and activate the power of MarTech applications. 


About Appier

Appier (TSE: 4180) is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that uses artificial intelligence to power business decision-making. Founded in 2012 with a vision of democratizing AI, Appier now has 17 offices across APAC, Europe and US, and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 

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