CrossX Advertising

Our advertising solutions drive retention and ROI, drawing on AI algorithms that prospect for and acquire high-quality users for maximum engagement.


App Installs

Gain high-ROI installs & optimize app users' lifetime value

Gain high-quality users and automatically improve in-app events such as purchases through AI. Take advantage of multi-stage fraud detection to find and filter fraud at all levels and drive high quality installs.

App Retargeting

Powerful audience segmentation

Find the best audience segments in real time, selecting from millions of possibilities to optimize predicted conversion rate, and minimize audience overlap and ad delivery wastage.

Increase engagement by deep learning

Our deep learning-based system offers the most effective bidding strategies to allow you to win the best audience, driving conversion with optimal CPA.


Reactivate & win back dormant mobile gamers

Use AI Reasoning Engine to analyze dormant gamers’ behavior and predict who are most likely to be active again, and then re-engage them with the best creative determined by AI to drive conversion and retention.

Intelligent Audience Selection

Powerful segmentation

Search through millions of signals and potential combinations to find your most powerful, productive social audience segments.

Post campaign report

Draw on our AI-based decisions to derive strategic insight into your audiences.

Increase brand awareness

Discover real user interests & expand reach

By using state-of-the-art AI and natural language processing technology, understand your audience’s interests and intent. Expand your loyal audiences using deep learning- based lookalike technology.

Optimize brand safety and viewability

AI helps you automate the process of finding the best publisher to ensure brand safety and viewability.

Effective web lead generation

Optimize ROI and CPL by reaching the right audience in real time with AI-powered segmentation. Expand loyal audiences with state-of-the-art lookalike prospecting algorithms.

CrossX Post-Campaign Report

Access audience insights and cross-device journeys.

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