Success story
Building and reaching an audience on every screen
NARUKO’s marketing team wanted to retain their membership and reach new consumers in Taiwan interested in and likely to purchase NARUKO skin care products—and to reach them across every screen they owned to drive better results for their business.
Better performance with cross screen

Monthly CPA reduced as much as to 9% compared to target.

Cross screen CTR is 433% higher than multi screen.

CTR among users with PC and phone up to 91% higher than other cross screen user groups

A global brand

NARUKO is a homegrown Taiwanese beauty brand which distributes products across the globe, including in America, Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Spain, and Thailand.

Building a cost-effective cross screen audience

NARUKO wanted to reach users across all screens, while keeping costs down by optimizing both cost-per-action (CPA) and the number of transactions.

Expanding NARUKO’s audience base across screens

We reach existing membership (which NARUKO defies as loyal customers with certain defined spending levels) across screens by CrossX AI

Meanwhile, to expand the campaign’s reach, we also utilized Appier’s CrossX Lookalike feature to increase the pool of potential customers who are interested in skin care products and demonstrate a higher likelihood to purchase the NARUKO merchandise.

With our Dynamic Creative ad format, CrossX Remarketing tailored product recommendations and ad creative to each user’s unique cross screen behavior, purchase journey, and cross screen browsing history.

Identifying and nurturing an audience segment for future use

People prefer shopping online during weekday rather than weekend. The number of transactions corresponds with the peak in CVR, which also appears on Thursday.

The number of transactions peaks at 10PM, while the lowest CPA appears at 3PM several hours after people have returned to their desk from their lunch break.

Among all cross screen users, the greatest proportion were reached on both PC and phone. This group also contributed the highest CTR.

PC plays bigger role than phone in driving action among cross screen users. The top one cross screen conversion path is: users start on PCs, browse products on Phones and convert on PCs.

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Taiwanese skincare brand Naruko reduced CPA by up to 9% while increasing the number of actions taken on its site working with Appier’s CrossX Remarketing and CrossX Lookalike.