Appier Case Studies
We help clients grow their brands

A world leading juice brand Minute Maid partnered with Appier to drive leads and purchases by reaching customers across screens, delivering a cross screen CVR 57% higher than on single screen.

Otsuka Kagu is a leading Japanese furniture retailer which maintains showrooms with a large selection of furniture and interior accessories throughout Japan. The retailer partnered with Appier to reach a target audience on every screen, achieving a cross screen CTR 55% higher than single screen.

Indonesian online marketplace powerhouse Tokopedia worked with Appier to increase the number of transactions while increasing the revenue month on month up to 179%.

Luxury automobile manufacturer Audi worked with Appier to drive test drive leads across screens, delivering a cross screen CVR 23-48% higher than to single screen.

Indian luxury hotel powerhouse Taj increased the number of loyalty program registrations by 113% while reducing the cost per click, thanks to Appier’s AI technology.

Obi worked with Appier to drive greater awareness of its new smartphone, the SF1, by reaching customers across screens.

AXE lowered CPA by 36% while identifying and nurturing a cross screen audience segment that could be used in future AXE campaigns.

Estee Lauder’s marketing team grew leads by 167% by working with Appier to reach beauty lovers and across every screen they owned.

Taiwanese skincare brand Naruko reduced CPA by up to 9% while increasing the number of actions taken on its site working with Appier’s CrossX Remarketing and CrossX Lookalike.