Success story
A growing Asian brand
Indonesian online marketplace powerhouse Tokopedia is one of the biggest C2C internet companies in Asia—and one of its most promising startups, with gross merchandise value (GMV) hitting hundreds of millions of USD per month. Tokopedia allows both individuals and business owners in Indonesia to open and manage their own online stores easily and for free.
Better performance with cross screen

Working with Appier, Tokopedia increased the total number of transactions month on month by up to 202%

Per customer transactions also increased up to 27% month on month

Revenue month on month increased up to 179%

Building and reaching an audience on every screen

Tokopedia’s marketing team wanted both to retain their loyal customers and to identify new consumers interested in and likely to shop online, reaching them across every screen they owned to drive better results for their business. To achieve the next level of growth, they determined that they had to use advanced programmatic solutions that would reach Indonesia’s hyper-mobile consumers across every screen they owned, to increase both the volume and quality of transactions (as measured by CPA).

Building a cost-effective cross screen audience

To do so, they turned to Appier’s CrossX Programmatic Platform, working in two distinct phases.

First, Tokopedia used CrossX App Installs to boost the number of downloads of the Tokopedia app.

Then, they used CrossX Remarketing to remarket to and reengage users who had already visited the Tokopedia website and downloaded official app.

Meanwhile, Appier’s AI algorithms analyzed user behaviors over the course of the campaign, automatically adjusting to account for evolving customer behavior.

For example, during a campaign lasting over six months, the AI evaluated more recent behaviors and products to targets users who have demonstrated a higher likelihood to purchase via the Tokopedia platform.

To build trust among its target audience, Tokopedia delivered ads with messages emphasizing safe shipping and high quality products.

Tokopedia also took advantage of Appier’s Dynamic Creative ad format, tailoring product recommendations and ad creative to each user’s unique cross screen behavior, purchase journey, and cross screen browsing history.


Shoppers are affected by Indonesia’s notoriously bad traffic, which greatly increases the amount of time it takes to complete a purchase in the offline world. Given that, many Indonesians prefer shopping online, especially during weekday mornings. Transactions also peaked on Monday.

Ramadan is one of the most important shopping season for consumers in Indonesia. With the help of CrossX AI and boosting budget allocation, Tokopedia drove more transactions during Ramadan and increased revenue by 179% month on month.


Remarketing to consumers who use PC as their first screen increased the overall CVR by 17% to 29%, compared to average CVR.

PC plays critical role in driving action among all cross screen paths. Regardless of which device was used as starting device, most conversions came from PC.

However, smartphone and tablet played an important role in enhancing the impressions of brands and products during the cross screen journey.

"There has been a substantive shift in user device purchase behaviour in Indonesia. In 2015, users browsed on smart devices and PC but bought on PC—whereas in 2016, users are browsing across screens but increasingly making purchases on smart devices. As a market leader in e-commerce, we wanted to take the lead in piloting cross device campaigns that bring more value to our valuable users. As most users do not login while browsing, dynamic retargeting across devices was a challenge with most standard retargeting partners. Appier bridged this gap with a scalable predictive analytics approach. Not only did Appier deliver great performance and sales at scale, they backed this up with in-depth analytics on cross screen user behaviors. The Appier team was very hands on and assisted my team at every juncture in this partnership. This has been a solid partnership to date and we look forward to scaling this to new heights in the future.” Melissa Siska Juminto - Vice President, Tokopedia
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