Success story
Reaching and analysing an audience on every screen
Otsuka Kagu announced a new brand vision in 2015. At the same time, they started to focus on online marketing programs to gain insight on user behavior across screens. Otsuka Kagu decided to work with Appier to drive brand awareness especially among new users, reaching them to drive better results for Otsuka Kagu’s business.
Better performance, targets achieved with cross screen

Cross screen outperformed single screen by 55% (as measured by CTR)

CTR among users with PC and phone is more than double that of other cross screen user groups

Found a new audience segment impossible to reach with traditional retargeting advertising

A leading brand in Japan

Otsuka Kagu is a leading Japanese furniture retailer which maintains showrooms with a large selection of overseas and domestic brand-name furniture, lighting, curtains, carpeting, and interior accessories throughout Japan.

Building a cost-effective audience

Otsuka Kagu wanted to gain insight on user behavior across screens, especially among new users, reaching them to drive better results for Otsuka Kagu’s business
They also wanted to drive foot traffic to their many showrooms throughout Japan

Defining and reaching Otsuka Kagu’s audience on every screen

Otsuka Kagu worked with Appier to apply CrossX AI technology to expand their reach among new users across all screens to boost foot traffic to their showrooms.

They used the Appier CrossX Programmatic Platform to reach and buy this cross screen audience. This allowed them to put their users at the center of our campaign automatically—tailoring and optimizing the ad creative to each user’s unique cross screen behavior, path across devices, and browsing history.

Meanwhile, Appier also analyzed the users who demonstrated interested in Otsuka Kagu, extracting cross screen campaign insights for future use.

Identifying and nurturing an audience segment for future use

Otsuka Kagu ran campaigns around specific seasonal and promotional themes every month. On one campaign, the highest CTR of the age group was observed among users aged 35-44. This is the target zone of this campaign and younger than the average age of Otsuka Kagu’s existing customers—showing that working with Appier helped reach new target audiences.

In one particular campaign, peak CTR occurred over the weekend, similar to the peak volume of visitors to the Otsuka Kagu showroom. CTR also peaked during morning commuting hours (9am), lunch time (11am -12 am), during the night commuting hours (7 pm) and bedtime (9 pm), showing that users are most likely to research furniture purchases in their spare time.

In another, the top 3 site categories delivering the highest CTR were Hobbies & Interest, Business. Home & Garden. The highest CTR was recorded among high income men over 55 years old interested in such categories as Hobbies and Home

Among all cross screen users, the greatest proportion were reached on both PC and phone. Cross screen CTR proved higher than single screen across all campaigns.

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