Success story
Growing online traffic and sales with AI-driven cross-screen marketing
To rise above the noise in LAZADA, a Southeast Asian online marketplace packed with competitions, NIVEA MEN turned to Appier’s AI technology, and achieved more visits to its online store and purchases through cross-screen marketing.
Their results
Driving more traffic, conversions with AI

By using AI, NIVEA successfully increased traffic over time. Daily impressions went up by 182% while daily clicks increased by 92%. The resulting click-through rate (CTR) was 22% higher than the stipulated KPI, with a landing rate that exceeded Nivea’s expectations.

Appier successfully brought in more high-value traffic for NIVEA, and even campaigns designed to drive traffic resulted in optimized purchases. Appier brought in up to 150% more purchases, compared to other vendors.

Their story
Getting noticed on a crowded online marketplace

NIVEA had partnered with Lazada to open an online store in Vietnam as part of a strategy to expand its distribution channels in the country. With more than 3,000 brands on Lazada however, NIVEA found that it faced extreme competition to get noticed in the crowded market. It needed a solution to drive consideration and awareness by increasing site visits, as well as to increase the purchase rate.

Their goals
Acquire quality purchases

The goal was to increase site traffic through the acquisition of quality purchases. There are two prongs to the strategy, with the first involving the use of AI to acquire a quality audience similar to existing customers – and hence more likely to respond favorably to marketing campaigns.

The second entails the adoption of remarketing, through a user-centric approach using AI to accurately identify the user behind devices to shorten the time between visit and purchase.

Their solution
Reaching the user behind the screen

Unlike traditional remarketing tools that adopt a device-centric approach, CrossX Remarketing uses AI technology to remarket to customers on every screen they own to target the same user across multiple devices.

NIVEA was also able to increase the size of its audience by finding people similar to existing customers. Existing information on customers or visitors is compared to user profiles stored in CrossX AI’s databases to find users who look and behave similarly online. The result is the acquisition of an audience that is more likely to respond favorably to its campaigns.

Consumer Insights

Appier helped NIVEA gain new insights about its customers. It was discovered that customers in the younger age group and male customers had the highest CTR. It also identified the publisher categories with the highest CTR, which can be used to achieve better results for its future marketing campaigns.

Finally, it was discovered that site traffic was the highest on Saturdays, while daily traffic peaks during the evening rush hour.

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Carrefour, the global retailer, used Appier AI technology to grow online store purchases by 25% and revenue by 30%.

Japan’s largest C2C handmade marketplace minne worked with Appier to drive app installs and increase the number of users. The number of the conversions from Appier increased by roughly 400% over the three month campaign, while cost per install (CPI) decreased.