Success story
Japan’s the largest C2C handmade item marketplace
Minne is Japan’s largest handmade marketplace service, where people can sell, display and buy handmade crafts. It enables anyone to both sell and purchase handmade accessories, fashion goods, food, interior furniture etc.
Better performance with CrossX App Installs

Appier’s platform outperformed minne’s existing campaigns on other platforms by 150% ROAS(Return On Advertising Spend)

The number of the installs from Appier increased by roughly 400% over the three months campaign, while cost per install (CPI) dropped.

As the number of installs grew, minne’s team increased the proportion of marketing budget allocated to Appier. The lower costs they achieved with Appier enabled them to reduce the total amount of marketing budget they devoted to driving installs by a dramatic 43%.


Minne’s marketing team wanted to encourage people to use their service by increasing awareness. In addition, while driving as many app installs as many as possible, they wanted to keep costs down by optimizing cost per install (CPI) with a cross-device approach.

Building a cost-effective cross screen audience with Appier’s CrossX Programmatic Platform

Appier’s algorithms helped minne identify and reach high value audiences who were more likely to download minne’s app and use it.

Appier’s AI also optimized the campaign by finding and targeting those users more likely to make purchases in-app, analyzing in app purchase and use frequency data to build profiles of and reach high value users.

Identifying and nurturing an audience segment for future use

Appier applied various types of creatives to accelerate AI learning, we succeeded in improving the the number of the acquisitions primarily by using interstitials, videos and minor special inventory.

App Installs peaked during lunch time (12 am). After business hours, from 6PM onwards, the number of the installs tended to increase again.

“Appier has helped us drive significant growth in app installations while its performance optimization really impressed us. The optimized user acquisition has brought us appreciable growth to our service.” Hiroshi Sugiyama - President's Office Manager, GMO Pepabo, Inc.
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A world leading juice brand Minute Maid partnered with Appier to drive leads and purchases by reaching customers across screens, delivering a cross screen CVR 57% higher than on single screen.

Otsuka Kagu is a leading Japanese furniture retailer which maintains showrooms with a large selection of furniture and interior accessories throughout Japan. The retailer partnered with Appier to reach a target audience on every screen, achieving a cross screen CTR 55% higher than single screen.