Success story
Boosting online bookings on every screen
HK Express’s marketing team expected to boost direct online bookings while minimizing CPA in the competitive regional Asia market, with the help of CrossX AI from Appier.
Better performance with cross screen

Beat CPA targets by 89%.

Uncover key target audiences and exceed bookings targets within first 3 weeks of campaign.

All of this performance was accomplished while spending only 50% of planned budget.

A fast growing carrier in Hong Kong

The HK Express providing affordable and high quality service to twenty-eight destinations in Asia—and was ranked one of the world’s best low-cost carriers by in 2016.

Building and reaching an audience on every screen

Since low-cost carriers compete vigorously to win consumer loyalty by offering low prices, it’s important to keep costs under control.

HK Express needed drive awareness around ongoing online promotions and boost number of bookings while minimizing CPA by working with Appier across screens.

Building a cost-effective cross screen audience

Utilize CrossX AI to identified all the devices owned by users who are interested in travel and planning to take trips in the near future.

Deliver flight ticket-related ads on user’s smartphone or tablet with the help of CrossX Remarketing after each first visit on HK Express website.

Expand their reach with CrossX Lookalike to uncover more users likely to be considering travel in the near future.


More bookings, lowest CPA on Tuesdays

More bookings during working days than weekends.

CVR among female users proved 41% higher than among male.

CPA proved 42% lower among female customers than male.


Cross screen CTR proved 44% higher than single screen.

On average, each cross screen user booked a flight after clicking on ads two times.

More flights booked on PCs than mobile devices; more flights booked on smartphones than tablets.

Most cross screen users prefer booking flights on PCs, no matter whether they first visited the site on smartphone or PC.

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Japan’s largest C2C handmade marketplace minne worked with Appier to drive app installs and increase the number of users. The number of the conversions from Appier increased by roughly 400% over the three month campaign, while cost per install (CPI) decreased.

A world leading juice brand Minute Maid partnered with Appier to drive leads and purchases by reaching customers across screens, delivering a cross screen CVR 57% higher than on single screen.