Success story
Gain an unified customer view across screens effortlessly
Industry research shows that among 17 common pain points identified by marketing executives, the lack of time, budget or IT resources to build a unified customer view necessary to power their marketing efforts ranked third (42%). As one of the most influential magazines in Taiwan, CommonWealth Magazine shared this pain point and looked to Appier’s AIXON platform to help them to bridge the gap.
Their results
Greater sales after finding the right users

AIXON helped CommonWealth discover valuable readers they hadn’t been able to to reach in the past for CommonWealth Magazine.

For every dollar that the CommonWealth Magazine spent reaching audiences identified by AIXON, it generated 12.2X worth of revenue. (ROAS)

These campaigns exceeded the ROAS targets set by CommonWealth by 300%

Subscriptions and purchases increased by 404%, compared to KPIs.

Their story
A pioneer of economic news media in Taiwan

Named the most influential magazine in Taiwan by New York Times, CommonWealth Magazine covers a range of topics, including finance, digital information, business management, fashion, health and education, offering both print and digital experiences for readers.

Their goals
Find, increase, and understand valuable users in effective way

To create an unified customer view and get insights into users reached in the past from various data sources.

To build and utilize a unified user view to boost subscriptions and increase online sales for use in future promotions to increase both new subscription packages and books.

Their solution
Appier AIXON Platform powered by Artificial intelligence

Here’s how CommonWealth used AIXON to find valuable users, in three steps:

Step 1: Upload online data sourced from CommonWealth’s news website and online store and combine it with offline CRM data into AIXON.

Step 2: Apply AIXON’s “Predict subscription” AI model to identify online users who are most likely to subscribe, and apply “Find lookalike users” to find more users that fit specific patterns defined by CommonWealth Magazine.

To better understand numerous user behaviors, the CommonWealth team used AIXON’s “Analyze and segment users” feature.

Step 3: Export these audiences discovered by AIXON and engage them across channels for future campaigns, including external online campaigns, social media and internal media owned by CommonWealth Magazine.

Audience behaviors

Observing subsequent campaign performance, more conversions stemmed from users similar to customers who had added products to their online cart (35%)—a key user segment identified by AIXON.

In contrast, only 8% of conversions came from users similar to those in the existing CRM systems managed by CommonWealth Magazine.

Among four user groups, the CPA for users who had added products to their cart was dramatically lower than users identified purely on the basis of CommonWealth’s CRM data.

Key takeaway

The numbers show that CRM data is not the only effective vehicle to increase the number of conversions. Marketers can expand their reach among valuable users using the massive amounts of data only if they utilize the right tool in the right way.

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