Success story
Building and reaching an audience on every screen
AXE’s marketing team wanted to reach new consumers in Taiwan interested in and likely to purchase AXE products—and to reach them across ever screen they owned.
Better performance with cross screen

Reduced CPC by 46% compared to target

Reduced CPA by 36% vs industry benchmarks

Increased CTR by 110% compared to industry benchmarks

Expanded AXE’s original target audience by 50% Grew the size of the target audience to 150% of the original sample audience by leveraging Appier’s CrossX Lookalike feature.

A global brand

Unilever’s AXE is a male grooming brand popular around the world.

Building a cost-effective cross screen audience

AXE wanted to build and expand a predefined mobile audience to reach users across all screens, while keeping costs down by optimizing both cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-action (CPA).

Defining and reaching AXE’s audience on every screen

AXE worked with Appier to apply CrossX AI technology to their predefined pool of mobile users, allowing them to expand their reach across all screens, including tablet and PC. They used the Appier CrossX Programmatic Platform to reach and buy this cross screen audience.

They also applied Appier’s CrossX Lookalike feature to identify new, high-value, audiences by comparing their audience information with the profiles stored in Appier’s CrossX database to find others who look and behave similarly to AXE users online.

Finally, to drive better response and boost conversion rate, they reengaged these users with Appier’s CrossX Remarketing. This allowed them to put their users at the center of our campaign-tailoring and optimizing the ad creative to each user’s unique cross screen behavior, path across devices, and browsing history.

Identifying and nurturing an audience segment for future use

The campaign helped refine the AXE team’s original targeting criteria. The AXE team started from the hypothesis that their target audience was socially confident and outgoing 20-39 year old males. However, CrossX AI’s sampling showed that the users who responded best to AXE ads were 20-44 year old men who (based on their app usage and web browsing habits) were actually less extroverted.

The campaign also identified and nurtured an audience segment that could be used in future AXE campaigns and by related male-focused brands owned by parent Unilever, such as Rexona.

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