CrossX is a user acquisition platform that finds the highest lifetime value users at scale with a predictable return on investment for you.

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“Appier technology helped us reach our customers in an effective and cost-efficient way. With the unique target audience structure per campaign, we ensure that we are reaching the right people at the right time with the right message.”

Team Toyota Philippines

Our Values

Powered by Deep Learning

CrossX leverages the most advanced Deep Learning technology, a superior type of Machine Learning, to predict and find users with the highest lifetime value. CrossX can replace costly and time-consuming manual A/B testing, enabling you to acquire valuable users with a predictable ROI.

Find Segments Beyond Human Imagination

AI analyzes thousands of possibilities and uncovers the best-performing segments to drive ROI for your app marketing. To top it all, AI automates your routine tasks and optimizes budget management across platforms to minimize wasted time and money.

Acquire the Most Valuable App Users at Scale

AIBID deep learning customizes “User Models” for every client to find the best-quality users for each app, then evaluate user and inventory data from tens of thousands of metrics like demographic, user interest, device and app usage, etc. Our model then predicts each user value in real-time to win the best optimal bid and ensure your ROI.

Engagement Solutions:
Re-engage High LTV Users with Tailored Recommendations

Hard to find valuable users? AI Analyzes millions of signals and potential combinations to find your most powerful and productive audience segments to engage with. Our Deep Learning-based system offers effective recommendation strategies based on users’ on-site and off-site behavior, bringing the most relevant products to your audiences and optimizing your ROI.

Branding Solutions:
Uncover Users' Hidden Needs and Maximize Your Brand Awareness

Every user is at some point of their life stage and has specific needs. Leverage state-of-the-art AI and natural language processing technology to understand your audience’s true interests and intent. Gain more loyal customers with deep learning-based lookalike modeling.

Why Our Customers Love Us


Toyota Philippines leveraged AI for precise audience segmentation, beating KPIs with more than 44,000 visitors to its site in just one month.


Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder worked with Appier to drive mailing list sign-ups across devices among beauty lovers in Taiwan, exceeding lead-gen targets by 167% and reducing the cost per lead by 63%.



Carrefour deployed Appier AI to boost conversions by 25% and revenue by 30%, accelerating online sales through effective audience segmentation.



NIVEA MEN wanted to get noticed in a crowded online marketplace in Vietnam. By using Appier AI, it successfully increased traffic over time. Daily impressions went up by 182% while daily clicks increased by 92%.


Krungsri Credit Card

Thailand’s Krungsri Credit Card successfully increased CTR by 138% and reduced CPA by 72% with precise audience segmentation.


Minute Maid

Beloved juice brand Minute Maid partnered with Appier to drive leads and purchases by reaching consumers across devices through an online game, delivering a 57% higher conversion rate.

The Appier Difference

Full Funnel Solutions

From acquiring valuable users to generating quality leads and purchases, Appier offers great product synergies and rich audience insight, tailoring our solutions to your business goals at every stage.

Empowered by
True Deep Learning

Your ROI is our top priority. That’s why CrossX leverages state-of-the-art Deep Learning algorithms developed by world-class scientists to ensure the effectiveness of campaigns and drive revenue growth as you scale.

Make Life Easier with
AI Automation

No more trial and error. AI automates the exploration of valuable users and all the tedious routine campaign settings to minimize wasted time and budget.

“We were consistently impressed by Appier’s technological expertise, as well as the team’s deep understanding of the e-commerce landscape.”

Edmund Wong, Director,
We Are Here to Help

Let us know about your marketing challenges and how you’d want to improve your marketing strategy.

Key Benefits

Get Noticed

Acquire and scale up top quality installs for your apps or traffic for your websites. Uncover and reach audiences segments that are difficult to find by human approaches.

Get Conversions

Get more conversions and purchases by predicting lifetime value of every user and re-engage with the most valuable ones with tailored recommendations.

Get Insights

Which creative works best? Which audience segments of interest are more drawn to your brand? Uncover the AI black box and get explainable insight to adjust your marketing strategy.

Useful Resources to Elevate Your Efforts
Useful Resources to Elevate Your Efforts

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Personalized Marketing

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App Marketing

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We can demonstrate how Appier helps companies like yours grow the business along the customer journey, from acquisition, engagement to conversion, and unlock new possibilities with prediction.

Partnering with Appier to do this was an obvious choice. We have been exceedingly pleased with the results, and we see real potential for further adoption of AI.

Somwang Toraktrakul, Managing Director of
Krungsri Credit Card

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