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Voylla is one of India’s largest online jewelry stores with over 196 retail outlets and half a million customers. It offers an array of designer fashion jewelry and accessories for women, men and kids with over 13,000 unique designs listed on its website and mobile app.


With nearly a million app downloads on the Google Play Store, Voylla continues to invest heavily in new customer acquisition. It wanted to dynamically engage and remarket to app users who had shown interest in its products or were likely to convert through highly personalized push notifications.


Voylla used Appier’s AIQUA, a proactive marketing automation platform, to dynamically retarget its existing app users by sending highly relevant information. In addition, it was able to tailor the content of the notifications based on user behavior.

The two primary user segments that Voylla re-engaged were those who had abandoned their carts and users who expressed interests in its products but didn’t proceed to checkout. Using AIQUA, Voylla sent a carousel notification to those users, showing multiple images of the products in the cart or the items that they browsed along with price promotions. These notifications were sent at scale automatically by the AIQUA platform.


By implementing the personalized app-push campaigns, Voylla increased mobile app conversions by 55%. Additionally, it also observed a 4x growth in click-through rates of notifications thanks to the carousel format.

“AIQUA has helped Voylla increase app revenue exponentially within a short span of time. The triggered notifications, in particular, have better conversion rates and CTRs,” says Prateek Jain, Manager of Online Marketing, Voylla.

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