Brand story

Founded by ex-Apple CEO John Sculley, Obi Worldphone designs and manufactures high-quality smartphones at affordable prices. Based in Silicon Valley, Obi sells phones in markets across Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe.


Obi wanted to increase awareness of its new smartphone SF1 in Vietnam by reaching users who were likely to purchase the phone across every screen they owned. It also aimed to keep the costs down by optimizing cost per click (CPC).


Appier first applied CrossX AI technology to identify all the devices owned by users who were likely to purchase smartphones including the Obi SF1. We then used CrossX Remarketing to deliver ads to the screens that users were most likely to interact with, based on their cross-screen browsing history and purchasing journey.

To maximize ROI and preserve brand goodwill, Appier also helped Obi apply CrossX Frequency Capping to limit the number of impressions users were exposed to the ads across screens.


The cross-screen click-through rate (CTR) was 40% higher than single-screen. The CTR on phones and tablets was 62% higher than other cross-screen paths.

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