Brand story

NARUKO is a Taiwanese beauty brand that offers products across the globe, including US, Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Spain and Thailand.


NARUKO wanted to reach consumers across all screens to boost the number of transactions, while keeping costs down by optimizing cost per acquisition (CPA).


Appier first applied CrossX AI to target NARUKO’s existing members who were loyal customers with a certain level of spending across screens.

To expand the campaign’s reach, NARUKO also used Appier’s CrossX Lookalike feature to increase the pool of potential customers who were interested in skincare products and demonstrated a higher likelihood to purchase the NARUKO products.

With its Dynamic Creative ad format, CrossX Remarketing tailored product recommendations and ad creative to each user’s unique cross-screen browsing history and purchase journey.


NARUKO’s monthly CPA reduced as much as 9% compared to target. The cross-screen click-through rate (CTR) was 433% higher than multi-screen. The CTR among users with PC and phone was up to 91% higher than other cross-screen user groups.

PC played a bigger role than mobile phone in driving actions among cross-screen consumers. The top cross-screen conversion path was: users starting on PCs, browsing products on phones and then converting on PCs.

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